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Terms of Offer

[#1:] Any additional opportunities and privileges within the community are provided on the basis of voluntary financial support, which is subsequently directed to maintain the functioning of the server and the community as a whole. The minimum amount of financial support is set by the main administration and, in case of any changes, timely notification is made.
  1. Server Administrator: 350 roubles ₽ / 4 € / 4 $ (per month)
  2. VIP+ Status: 200 roubles ₽ / 2.5 € / 2.5 $ (per month)
  3. VIP Status: 150 roubles ₽ / 2 € / 2 $ (per month)
Extension of the period of use of a privileges occurs once a month, extension for a longer period is possible only by prior arrangement. Extension of any privileges for a «lifetime» is not provided.

[#2:] Using any privileges on our server, you undertake:
  1. Follow all the rules prescribed both on the forum and on the game server.
  2. Respond to any complaints from players and act within your competence.
In case of any violation (even the most insignificant), we have the right to suspend / withdraw ALL privileges, without giving reasons and providing evidence.

Refund is not provided after removing privileges for violations of any type, it is your fault, the rights can be restored by re-filing the application.

[#3:] After the money transfer, the chief administrator undertakes:
  1. To grant rights to a player in no more than 24 hours. (Exception: holidays, personal circumstances)
  2. To instruct player about privilege activation if there's such request.
[#4:] The chief administrator may not grant / withdraw rights if:
  1. He or she did not make sure the payment was made.
  2. The person acquiring the rights behaved obscene. (Swearing, insults)
  3. There was an endless spam to the administrator via pm. (Aw, hey, come on faster, give me my access, etc.)
  4. There were various types of threats.
  5. The transfer commission exceeds 3% of the established amount.
  6. There was a deliberate deception of the administrator during the transaction.
[#5:] Only you are responsible for financial transactions, the administration has the right not to change the privilege in favor of the player.

[#6:] Payments go only one way, a refund is not possible.

[#7:] Any payment towards the Evilzomb community is regarded as a support - a voluntary donation.

Making any financial transaction, you automatically agree to these terms of offer. Also, we have the right to change certain paragraphs without notice, changes will always be published on this page.

The administrators reserve the right to refuse any player to receive privileges on the server without explaination.

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