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  1. Evilzomb server has original unique biohazard mode.its better to stay that way ! But + to make maps darker or in night mode so we must use flashlight and buy flares ! 70% of maps have white/show/yellow/bright backgrounds and make impossible to see your cross air/ammo/health/map because they have same light color ! Evilzomb сервер имеет оригинальный уникальный режим биологической опасности. Лучше оставаться таким! Но +, чтобы сделать карты темнее или в ночном режиме, поэтому мы должны использовать фонарик и купить блики! 70% карт имеют белый / шоу / желтый / яркий фон и делают невозможным просмотр вашего перекрестного воздуха / боеприпасов / здоровья / карты, потому что они имеют одинаковый светлый цвет! GOOGLE TRANSLATED

    Pimp the Lada Sever !
  3. The Walking Dead Series

    Thats a good game,but nothing beats "7 days to die"-survival crafting zombie killing sick horror game ! after 6 months i had to stop because the game is so addictive and sick !! try it !
  4. False Ban + Admin abuse

    Cheater was mistake(sorry) Ban was for Block ! check demo !
  5. google translate is translating bad !
  6. Bans were deserved ! I had enough of you !! every time we play you insult me saying to fuck my self(no gag by admin)you writing all sort of things in the chat about me including that im 36 years old man ! From now on you write my name-piranha or riba in the chat i will go vote ban !
  7. Mr. he1p | kolt 2

    link to previous complaint December 17
  8. Mr. he1p | kolt 2

    Again Mr. he1p | kolt i made subject on Mr. he1p | kolt maybe 3-4 months ago ! he was cheating with double weapons every round.he was banned for 2 HOURS !!! Now he is doing it again !! check demo on map zm- evil dust ! at beginning of every round he some how gets 2 weapons ! Ban Accordingly !!
  9. Музыка

    Now this is good Russian Music !
  10. killer_abu_usama

  11. Музыка

    Эскимосская любимая песня !!
  12. Новые карты

    Yes, new maps are welcome !! Maps we have are boring because we play them over and over! But not the fossil dust !! i suggest delete all maps that have word Dust!
  13. VIP>>=

    NO !! NEVER !! Not in a Million years !!
  14. Режим "Ночь"

    Most maps have very light background.Snow white or yellow ! You cant see your cross air,you cant see where is your team on the map in the up left corner,you cant see lower dash also !(ammo and health) Making maps darker will give that zombie Apocalypse environment !
  15. Можно хотя випку пж

    Because hi is 21 !!