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    Цветан Христов Цветанов
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    Byala Slatina
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  1. enter

    Hi. Nick = ChnZ G1 Age = 23 Number of bans = 128371283 times I've played in d'server from 3 or 4 years probably. EZ
  2. permament ban for nothing

    ADMINS I BEG U TO UNBAN ME? I HAD PERMAMENT BAN FOR SAYING WORD "dolbaeb"?? I dont know what this MEAN RIght???????? You could ban me for 1hour 1week? BUt PERMA???? whYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyy??
  3. Unban me PLEASE, I DIDNT do ANY bad thing.,

  4. permament ban?

    I can send you my picture and biography to see my age ...? I rly dont know why russians hate Bulgarian people... i just cant its so sad
  5. permament ban?

    U have broken english my man, pls use translator or smth and tell me right things? wtf
  6. permament ban?

    Hi i was banned from your servers cuz i just copied word "dolbaeb"? i want know whats mean this word and why its so AGRESSIVE FOR PERM BANS? PLS REPLY AND UNBAN ME! cuz i love this server
  7. A NEW BAN

    I am BLIND or you are mega idiots all here? my excuses,.. but this time im not the problem... i didnt seen any block on this map btw tho... ok ok keep going with this kids things
  8. JOIN

    Hello there! I have simple question: Can i join in the clan? Because i much RESPECT FraNku Lemps... its fcking good guy
  9. A NEW BAN

    I just wanna to give me DEMO when and where i am BLOCKING??????????? please.
  10. A NEW BAN

  11. A NEW BAN

    OOOOOOOK guys... i had banned again from the server... even if i play as normal person bio_snow_na20000.bmp It was on one map,but thats doesnt matter btw... and player with name "p|zzD. " non stop spam CHNZ block, CHNZ block and he just lies the admins... and some stupid admin trust him and start vote... AFTER THAT YOU KNOW MAYBE > WHEN VOTE START IN SERVER EVERYONE CHOOSE 1 (YES) every time without any reason.
  12. EvilZomb Biohazard Ban

    Добре, няма да се занимавам повече с детски работи. Живи и здрави бъдете :)
  13. EvilZomb Biohazard Ban

    Hello there! I wanna beg you if can remove my ban. I promise in future that i will stop hurt and insult other players.