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  1. armor - flashbang - bunny

    I used this for a long time. It works very well. 100% effective against humans and zombies (except leaper).
  2. armor - flashbang - bunny

    all you do is insert the code anti_bunny.sma or code #include <amxmodx> #include <fakemeta> #define BHOP_SPEED_X 0.75 #define JUMP_TIME 1.0 const OFFSET_PAINSHOCK = 108 new in_air[33], old_in_air[33] new Float:last_jump[33] public plugin_init() { register_plugin("anti_bunny", "1.0", "ozel") register_forward(FM_PlayerPreThink, "fw_clientPreThink", 0) } public fw_clientPreThink(id) { if(!is_user_alive(id)) return PLUGIN_CONTINUE if(pev(id, pev_button) & IN_JUMP) { last_jump[id] = get_gametime() } old_in_air[id] = in_air[id] if(pev(id, pev_flags) & FL_ONGROUND) { in_air[id] = 0 } else { in_air[id] = 1 } if(old_in_air[id] && !in_air[id]) { if(last_jump[id] + JUMP_TIME > get_gametime()) { set_pdata_float(id, OFFSET_PAINSHOCK, BHOP_SPEED_X) } } return PLUGIN_CONTINUE } public client_connect(id) { in_air[id] = 0 old_in_air[id] = 0 last_jump[id] = 0.0 }
  3. armor - flashbang - bunny

    1- We boast the simplicity of the server. Well,every round 100 armor + 1 flashbang + 1000$ ''vip-admin'' how does this fit in simplicity? armor is not given money anyway and save money constantly. Suggestion: No flashbang. armor-->Let's get one in two rounds 2- some of them are doing very nice bunny (look video). your anti bunny scripts are not smooth. Suggestion: maybe you can add another script
  4. new map bio_panic_3rooms (finished)

    thanks we are waiting to see when to add
  5. new map zm_evilzomb_night ( in progress )

    Watch the latest video.
  6. new map zm_evilzomb_night ( in progress )

    it's done
  7. new map zm_evilzomb_night ( in progress )

    %80 complete :)
  8. will be a simple night map
  9. Новая карта zm_roscoe_street

    sorry I decided early . map beautiful but the chances of zombies are a bit more than that of humans
  10. new map bio_panic_3rooms (finished)

    small fixes + advertising zm_panic_3room.rmf zm_panic_3room.bsp
  11. new map bio_panic_3rooms (finished)

    I finished the map. I hope you will like it and please delete the other topic ( bio_panic_3rooms old thread) zm_panic_3room.rmf
  12. bio_panic_3rooms

    First room sniper two tower please anyone crease room 3 (red room) im tired :) zm_panic_3room.rmf
  13. bio_panic_3rooms

    Bakıcaz artık beğenip beğenmemek onlara kalmış. Ama bu mapi çok güzel yapmayı planlıyorum becerebilirsem :D
  14. bio_panic_3rooms

    I don't know how to add good things because I just started. maybe we can do it together.
  15. Новая карта zm_roscoe_street

    fraud? 1- bio_2room I did everything on this map myself. 2- zm_evilzomb_run i say thread ''3 difrent map complicated'' 3- zm_evilzomb_milles i say thread ''Adapted some maps according to biohazard. There may be minor errors outside the map, ignore them.'' 4- zm_evilzomb_area i say my topic '' Adapted some maps according to biohazard. There may be minor errors outside the map, ignore them.'' Where is the f*ng fraud ??? I just started making maps. i made this bio_2room map in 6 hours. I can't say I did it with nice textures. but you can't tell me you stole it!