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  1. ban 1 week for what ?

    nike dont close the topic. thats not my nickname.LOOKS LIKE you have a many enemy. PUT STEAM ON THAT NICK AND I WILL PUT MINE YOU ARE IDIOT !
  2. ban 1 week for what ?

    n1ke you are not normal with your brain like i said.for what 1 week ban ? i dont understand you.Tell me anyone how i can find and attach demo for what you bann me 1 week, ? WHAT DOUBLE BUYING i will attach the DEMO YOU IDIOT!
  3. VIP*

    Я поддерживаю то, что я сказал, но я еще раз прошу прощения, но не обращайтесь со мной так снова. С наилучшими пожеланиями
  4. VIP*

    Nick: toD* Name:Durmish Age:26 Contact whatsupp Bans:no
  5. Please arrange your ADMINS!.That is what i have tell you to you for last,they kick for apsolutly no reason...please solved that problem!Have a nice DAY!
  6. He have personal problem with us. i cant understand why he making that ... he also kick me 3 times for supposedly i blocked. please arrange your admins,