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  1. False Ban + Admin abuse

    Your nickname: VERSACH. Ban link: https://bans.evilzomb.ru/ban_list.php?bid=28933 Why you got banned: ЧИТЕР POV Demo link: https://failiem.lv/u/h7cjr6k8 This admin guy banned me for no reason second time. Now he wanted to play in empty server to get his rank higher vs noobs, so he just bans me.
  2. False Ban

    Nickname: [QC] OFFSET. Link: https://bans.evilzomb.ru/ban_list.php?bid=28448 Why you got banned: I got banned for blocking zombies, but as you can see in demo I got blocked and even said to ban the guy who is blocking entrance. Demo: https://files.fm/u/uzp9ae4j