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  1. Again bann for nothing!

    Your nickname: 1n1 Ban link: https://evilzombbans.myarena.site/ban_list.php Why you got banned: for something hack but i havent nothing in my cs folder! I can show u to all my all cs folder but banning ppl for nothing is really annoying! POV Demo link: cstrike/evilzomb_bio.dem or HLTV https://dropmefiles.com/ofQNn
  2. Admin complain

    Admin / player nickname: El Stasim0 How it was: This admin ban me for nothing... He said i block ppl but u can see from demo i no block anyone.Even this admin use bhop script .. POV Demo link: cstrike/evilzomb_bio.dem or HLTV https://www.sendspace.com/file/skukot watch! Server look good but with this admins dont know what to do and even they play with cheat for bhop script!
  3. kick again

    Admin / player nickname: dont know vaevictis or iska How it was: we play d2 and admin kicked me with no reason POV Demo link: cstrike/evilzomb_bio.dem or HLTV https://www.4shared.com/file/F5wfpbRxfi/kick.html
  4. Жалоба на админа

    i got penalty from this admin even in forum and now i cannot make topics if admins(he) not aprove! DONT U UNDERSTAND ALL PPL DONT LIKE THIS JERK ADMIN?? log in your server and check him lol stop talk bulshits here!
  5. Voland vol lv2

    because i am not russian i am from Bulgaria :)
  6. Voland vol lv2

    do u saw the demo first? Most of your admins or vips do the same.. They wait till other ppl 3-4 zm go first and after that they attack.. Also alot of players almost whole round dont attack Bio Tuz Buinask Dresden and a lot (and this players are in top15) also ARE PASIVe but noone kick,slay them? IF this passive is for all then ban whole server not 1-2 players k ? Also i have bad reputation cause your s hiity admins/vips hate me cause i kill them and they are skilless even with admin/vip privilegies. If u dont believe me log with some random nick and watch their game if u think i am lier...
  7. again ban for what?

    Admin / player nickname: Dont know How it was: i got banned for bhop lol ? I never use any programs etc... LIKE BEFORE pls stop ban me for nothing POV Demo link: cstrike/evilzomb_bio.dem or HLTV https://www.4shared.com/file/hNBLRHXEfi/evilzomb_bio__1_.html
  8. Voland vol lv2

    Ruki u didnt saw demo right? He ban slay ppl for nothing not me! PPl wasnt pasive he ban slay,slap them with no reason.
  9. Voland vol lv2

    Admin / player nickname: Voland How it was: kick,slay,ban ppl cause he die and he advertise to attack. If he is zm he hide but when he die he ban ppl(not me but other). What is reason pasive? They are not afk they try to attack but need to regrop... For future admin not need to ban kick ppl for nothing POV Demo link: cstrike/evilzomb_bio.dem or HLTV https://www.4shared.com/photo/MFyqmGohda/Без_име.hthttps://www.4shared.com/file/e59Dv5rzee/evilzomb_bio.htmlml
  10. Voland vol lv2

    Again some of admins(i think its voland) kick me.. Smurf why u make kid admins who kick slay ppl ? PPl play better with no admins.. Voland and ryky bazuki kick slay ppl. Admin / player nickname: Voland How it was: i get kick for nothing snapshot > https://www.4shared.com/photo/hjt8CUjRda/Без_име.html POV Demo link: cstrike/evilzomb_bio.dem or HLTV
  11. Smurf for u is this fair? To receive ban for nothing...
  12. now u havent what to say and talk old stories nice :D Actually i can got a vip but after 1 week i must travel and havent time for nothing. Now i login again and i see again kids who have admin privilegies and thing they are Gods.But i wanna tell u something to u and all other admins who think they are something more than other players.. U must respect all ppl who play in this server and if someone is better than u its not right think to ban/kick slay ppl. PS: Even here most admins when they got infect hide and die from slayin.. i had demos for all of u who hide but infortunnely i reinstal my OS and lost everythin. I am sure most admins here dont care and even close the topic but with this attitude u will loose players who like this server and only ppl who will play here must be admins..
  13. what bypass u talking about i have static ip and cant bypassing.. u are just a kid who ban ppl for nothing...
  14. for what i take ban for 3 days can u tell me ? what kind oskarblenie ??? i log and u ban me... U are hater nothing more.. cause i kill u each time when i play... i sand demo and wait for answer ps: I am innocent cause u and ryki ban me cause u are kid haters who cannot play with ppl who have more skills than u guys! U ban ppl for nothing and u tell me read rulles but u guys even dont respect them! ps: be u bann ppl when they are zm and pasive but when u get infect each time u wait all zm rush and u guys rush after all or wait round over.. If u are last zm vs 20 ppl what u must do rush ? Anyway u guys soon or later u haven rights i am sure cause u ban slay or kick ppl who play better than u!
  15. i just logged in game and take ban from another admin ? WTF guys what u want from me ? if u want i never log this server and that its.. Admin / player nickname: Alkozomb Volland How it was: Just log in game and take ban https://www.4shared.com/file/9jvf-wn0da/evilzomb_bio__2_.html POV Demo link: cstrike/evilzomb_bio.dem or HLTV