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  1. Считалочка

  2. Считалочка

  3. Happy Birthday Moe Solnce^^

    Желаю чтоб в новом твоём году жизни ты прожил самые лучшие счастья чтоб ты с лёгкостью поднялся по ступенькам удачи, и чтоб твоё лицо всегда улыбалось. Желаю остаться полным любви, и быть счастливым. С днем рождения! ^^
  4. pointless slanders

    I respect your opinions, but before the subject, he had already write to me. When I saw the thread, I thought he should know too. I also did not spread state secrets. I don't understand how you exaggerate a simple game so much. Everyone would know that eventually. If you were on this subject or someone else, I would still be objective. If you're aware, I'm not taking sides. I quoted exactly what they told me. And I explained the issue with an example. In fact, as I said there, "whoever wants to play as they want, but without cheating" do not be lazy and you can translate what I wrote in English. Don't just answer the topic that comes to your business. If punishment is to be given, it is not a problem, I am not bothered by such things. :)
  5. Admin application

    What is mean "X3"? :D
  6. Admin application

    For +
  7. заявка на статус ВИП +

    Vip + = - Vip= - I didnt see you maybe u must play more
  8. Happy Bday ! (Murat)

    Öncelikle bu anlamlı ve değerli bir günde doğduğun için çok şanslısın ve senin gibi bir arkadaşım olduğu için de ben çok şanslıyım iyi ki doğdun nice güzel yaşların olsun , gönlünden istediğin her şey seninle olsun. Sağlıkla,mutlulukla geçen yılların olsun . İyiliklerle kal ! Doğum günün kutlu olsun !
  9. Руки базуки с днем рождения!

    Happy birthday ! Old but gold
  10. RA, с днем Рождения!

    Happy birthday All the best !
  11. Вип+

    For За ^^
  12. Complain of Evil'one | STRIKEz

    Frankly this is a game anyone can make mistakes but this disrespect towards our race is unacceptable, i wouldn't expect that from you Strike .. maybe you should read and understand the rules thoroughly. and never speak so badly of any race ever again. I'm sure Smurf will be fair.
  13. заявка на випку

  14. Compain of VIp + bespredel

    First of all, you guys don't know the English abbreviations or the colloquialism used, cbdo didn't mention his mother there. Also, who thinks cbdo is toxic? In general, many of you react harshly to humor. Cbdo is a playful funny person. So far, he has not provoked anyone or even cursed in the family. I didn't even see the other players being disrespectful to him. After all, both are players who know the rules. But Bespredel, first of all, if you are a vip+ you should be a little more careful. Do not touch the family directly. when you are annoyed you can say "don't talk to me bot cbdo". ^^