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  1. Nick= jR tm. Marry * Age=22 I've been here for about 1 year :) Колличество банов и причины= Yes, the reason is some violations and some nonsense. I also like my previous clan, but when some of my friends there were not active, I felt alone. But I still love them. But because my friends in this clan are sincere and friendly, I want to join them. Thanks..
  2. Считалочка

  3. Самый старый задротик - VOIN

    Happy Birthday To You I wish you a good and happy life with your loved ones..
  4. Уход в армейку)

    Good luck
  5. SbIN JOKERA с днем рождения

    Happy Birthday bro
  6. Дайте Вип

    Of course i m for this YES !
  7. Забанили на сервере

    You are great отлично, ты неплохо разбираешься в этом, мне не скучно смотреть это я хочу следующее видео
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    Yeap +
  9. Exit

    Dimaaa Я приду, когда ты придешь
  10. VIP+

    За , детка
  11. Ban for no reason

    Omg cbdo ,,, i want say this, such people are the manager here, swearing at you editor, but he will not be punished because he is Admin
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