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  1. Ночь

    100% ЗА ! Bringing the night in biohazard will be too good to be true
  2. VIP

    + deserved
  3. Vip

  4. Ваш любимый реп-ИСПОЛНИТЕЛЬ

    Russian - Жека Басотский Bulgarian - Garjoka Overall - Ruben Slikk
  5. Membership Application

    Yes I can read and understand most russian,but can't speak it
  6. Membership Application

    Oh, I was amazed. Maybe because I'm translating it as "no against" sorry. I'll be with the T-1000 from now on. Thank you for accepting me :)
  7. Membership Application

    You're weird. First you invite me then you reject.
  8. Membership Application

    Your main game nickname on the server: T-952 your name: Stefan Your age:23 Your online server: a lot :X Would you like to change this server? Yes i have some ideas in mind. PS i will change the nick to T-1000
  9. Voland/next

    Bratan, i get that you didn't write the article about me. I'm telling you my point of view about the situation) I'm asking Smurfeta what seems to be the problem with my zombie gameplay
  10. Voland/next

    Yesterday's slap from Voland was humorous way to tell me i'm pain in his a** sometimes. I'm alright with it, since i was in no danger at that time. About my passivity i can add that i'm hardly the last zombie standing and never get slayed cause of that, even in the first days i started playing in the server. Don't know what's your problem with me overall.
  11. VIP application

    Thank you ! I would close/delete it if i only knew how to.
  12. VIP application

    "[#3:] Infected players and zombies aren't permitted to use bhop in low tunnels or any other places where they can't move without holding a "duck" button." I think it's already disabled for zombies to bhop in areas where you need to press duck.
  13. VIP application

    First of all i would like to apologize for the English,but it's better than trying to fit in with google translator. Nick: T-952 Name: Stefan Age: 23 Contact info (vk, skype etc): inst: stefandiw fb: stefan.di.rs Bans: none
  14. Халява

    +, бъди жив и здрав !
  15. Считалочка