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  1. Kinger Insulting again

    Thx, I thing he will learned to be a good player. He had a new server name ,,gethove". Just to everybody know that is him.
  2. Kinger Insulting again

    No, he changed name from KiNGER to ,,Kevu ti Rokam" , which means on our langue that he f*ck ours mom.
  3. Kinger Insulting again

    His Real name is KINGER, and he changed to ,, Kevu ti rokam" Thx Gega
  4. Kinger Insulting again

    Today when we played LB_map, I was zm and infected the Kinger. He immediately change name which insulted my mother. I have demo to prove that and screenshot. I asking the admins to review the logs before to prove my demo. Here is demo and screenshots: https://easyupload.io/xu2zl8
  5. Kinger insulted me as soon as his ban expired

    Or gag forever. Last year when I insulted somebody, you give me gaga 6 mounths. Since that, I lerned my lesson, but he didnt.
  6. Kinger insulted me as soon as his ban expiried. Please gag him forever, he did not deserve to have choice to wrighting something because he always insulting somebody. Have demo and screenshot to prove that. He says that he F*ck my mother... https://files.fm/u/yucejgpra Screenshot: https://files.fm/u/ju7hvy2sh
  7. MOSTAFA blocking whole time

    MOSTAFA blocking whole times, always when admins are not on server. He did not get banned. Here is demo to prove taht. https://files.fm/u/bgrp2m3dg
  8. n1kname vip application

  9. CHNZ blocked at start, no zm

    Evil one CHNZ he gives himself the right to block the players because, as the admin says, he can do it. Here is demo to prove taht. He also insulting me, wich i didnt care to much, but it is not good to bee admin likes that.... https://files.fm/u/ud663khat
  10. Somebody for second time gag me with no reason. Who is that idiot of admin who gag me?? Have any problems??? Nickname : PREDATOR
  11. Admin Garra banned me at 30 minutes even i didnt block anybody
  12. Kinger reconected many times - NO BAN

    Just to be sure for next time, who need to listen rules and who not.
  13. As I was saying, about 10 times at least, Kinger reconected to the same map. He left map when he was zm, wait a few minutes and back like a normal. No body ban him even a rules says that everybody who reconected whil be banned. Here is a demo to see. https://files.fm/u/dhds798ut
  14. VIP

  15. Nike, what is your problem??? Unban me, why you banned me? 1 day? For what??? Have some problem? This is tha last time that you banned me for nothing