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  1. Kinger Insulted me

    What? Ban, of course
  2. Kinger Insulted me

    Hello. I am complaint on Kinger, he insult me with no reason. Please, ban him for some time. kinger : ban predator Lyov : tonga 24B | Player connected kinger : frozen Alkozomb | *Frozen[?!] : why poh. killed parfasil with melee 24B | Player is joining the Counter-Terrorist force [GAG] ! ! [GAG] bind. Chelovek-Govnyuk (RADIO): Enemy spotted. Paren 33 dropped Paren 33 has left the game kinger : becouse he is s h i t HERE IS DEMO: https://www.filesharesite.com/files/202107/1626715400demo.rar.html
  3. Baned no reason

    Who banned me and for what???
  4. Blocked by [Zap Master] Marry *

    Hello! Marry blocked me today with no punishment. Nobody ban him for 30 minutes for that what he is doned. I will upload a pictures to prove that. Thx Marry block.rar
  5. Somebody gag me with no reason

    Aloo, The them is not close! First at of all, its not Croation, what are you thing?? You didnt know the langue. Kill your mothers???? Using google translate to see what I posting??? Alo guys, the theme is not close, untill we discous that, for future, to know. Second, I am seek of this. Know, Last question, will you ungag me or not??? Dont write me the reasone, because you abosly dont know what the word is meaning.
  6. Somebody gag me with no reason

    Somebody block on purpese, give him 30 min kick, me gagin on 30 days, aloo
  7. Somebody gag me with no reason

    So what? What this mean? Tell me, if yo know the translate
  8. Somebody gag me with no reason

    Hello, I was gaged 3 weeks, with no reason. STEAM_0:0:1900038270 PREDATOR Ungag, thx
  9. Killing me as zm in game, when I am not passive

    Dont understand, please answer on English. There is no reason for kill me. I do the same thing like LXST on taht map! Then you need to kiil him also. I will send another demo to show you that. At last mounth, some admins take big mistakes, baning and killing what ever they want. There dont respect rules. https://easyupload.io/kj7qjd
  10. Hello. Somebody as admin, kill me when I was playing as zm. I was not passive, and I call that admin to react to this post and answer me. I have demo, and also requsted to be punish that admin. evilzomb_bio.rar
  11. Complaints to LXST

    LXST, you ban me about a mounth ago, for 30 min, for recconecting to server. Now, today, you do that same . You, not gonna ban yourself?? Next time, dont ban anybody else who do things like you. This is warning...
  12. LAG

    Hello. I want to compain to the lag on server, today in February 16, 2021. All day server has lag, almost impossible to played. Please, fixed that.
  13. Kicked for no reason

    Thank you Daddy for answering to my complaints.
  14. Kicked for no reason

    I was not AFK. For whole time, i was played and they kick me 3x arow for nothing. I was blocked, I would undestand that, but when somebody kicked me for nothing, that I can't understand, and I will complaint for.
  15. Kicked for no reason

    I want to complaint to your admins who kicked me 3 time in arow, with no reason. When ever I have a good score, and first on score, some admins kicked me with no reason. For there explain, the told me that I fall or for non-existent block. I want to admin, who kicked me now, 25.01.2021. in time of 14:02-14:10 to explain me and others the reason.