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  1. Complaints to LXST

    LXST, you ban me about a mounth ago, for 30 min, for recconecting to server. Now, today, you do that same . You, not gonna ban yourself?? Next time, dont ban anybody else who do things like you. This is warning...
  2. LAG

    Hello. I want to compain to the lag on server, today in February 16, 2021. All day server has lag, almost impossible to played. Please, fixed that.
  3. Kicked for no reason

    Thank you Daddy for answering to my complaints.
  4. Kicked for no reason

    I was not AFK. For whole time, i was played and they kick me 3x arow for nothing. I was blocked, I would undestand that, but when somebody kicked me for nothing, that I can't understand, and I will complaint for.
  5. Kicked for no reason

    I want to complaint to your admins who kicked me 3 time in arow, with no reason. When ever I have a good score, and first on score, some admins kicked me with no reason. For there explain, the told me that I fall or for non-existent block. I want to admin, who kicked me now, 25.01.2021. in time of 14:02-14:10 to explain me and others the reason.
  6. Ban for nothing PREDATOR

    Screw you to, when somebody block, you kick them only 30 min, whem somebody say word wich men (like you thing) dirty, you ban him.
  7. Ban for nothing PREDATOR

    Every time when somebody tells mother mean dirty?
  8. Ban for nothing PREDATOR

    I call admin low skill to explain why he ban me? Because I say mother??? Low skill acted like a child. Also I complain on his admins skils. Request to remove hem from admin list.
  9. It's not a problem to speak on English, it is problem with personality. He can ask us nice to speak on English, explining that he can not understand us. It is not necessary immediatly to ban players.
  10. Hi. I am reading the rules on your server and can not found a rules which forbiden me to spoke on my own langue. Evil one nike, kicked my friend tod who speak with me on our langue. Is that right?
  11. Unban

    Ok, my guilty, sorry. When can get unban?
  12. Unban

    nick: PREDATOR ID: STEAM_0:0:752275256 Need to upload screenshoot (It is request of one of yours admin which has baned me) Site to download my demo: https://files.fm/u/zavu2d5y Thanx zm_zero_blood0000.bmp