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  1. It's not a problem to speak on English, it is problem with personality. He can ask us nice to speak on English, explining that he can not understand us. It is not necessary immediatly to ban players.
  2. Hi. I am reading the rules on your server and can not found a rules which forbiden me to spoke on my own langue. Evil one nike, kicked my friend tod who speak with me on our langue. Is that right?
  3. Unban

    Ok, my guilty, sorry. When can get unban?
  4. Unban

    nick: PREDATOR ID: STEAM_0:0:752275256 Need to upload screenshoot (It is request of one of yours admin which has baned me) Site to download my demo: https://files.fm/u/zavu2d5y Thanx zm_zero_blood0000.bmp