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  1. Заявочка

    Im for. Good luck
  2. Comrades

    * Everyone calls you didildo
  3. предложение (вип игроки)

    If the zm focus the VIP i applaud them VIP`s tend to overuse the flash granade at night so everything is balanced as it should be
  4. VIP

    This made me laugh . Im also for
  5. Application for Admin Status

    For. You are one of the few that go to spectate anf watch the game ( like a bird without wings, just looking at other birds in the nest ^^) Good luck in the aplication
  6. Заявка на админку

    For vip+/admin I think its best to go for Vip+ first and then you apply for admin since its what most players usually do ( Vip ->Vip+ -> Admin). Anyway good luck
  7. Zavrik с денюхой.

    Happy birthday from top 1
  8. Hapy birthday Marry Popens

    Happy B day Merve ! I hope that your dreams of becoming a good player will eventually come true
  9. Happy Birthday Deus :)

    Happy b day
  10. А что так можно было? Evil`one | nevsebe

    I dont want to flood this topic so this is my last message ... I have read the rules and I know them. What is strange is that this action is against the rules and for some reason many players have been doing this bug with impunity for a very long time. It is unfair for me that only nevsebe should accept a ban or punishment, as many do it every single day, from ordinary players, VIPs and even admins. So if there is a punishment, then everyone should be responsible, not just one person. From now on, it's better to start warning players that it's actually against the rules so people don't get fooled into thinking it's okay. I support this idea much more than punishing only one player while many have done it without punishment. @pasha this account that made the complaint should be analized, there is a possibility that its a multi acount for wich is also against the rules.
  11. А что так можно было? Evil`one | nevsebe

    It's very interesting that a new account creates a complaint and only now you take action on this issue :) and everyday people do this constantly but of course only now its a problem. I've been playing on this server for 3 years and I've never seen an admin or anyone say that people can't do this. Interestingly, I've seen Vips/admins do this as humans, and as far as I understood it's never been a problem. So I and many others think it's ok since Vips/admins will do it. From what I can see, there is no consistency in some of the rules
  12. А что так можно было? Evil`one | nevsebe

    Before speaking on the topic i want to say this: It is very strange that there are many new accounts that are complaining! This is happening often lately, a new user creates an account on the same day as the complaint... For me, you already show some kind of insecurity... Related to the topic: I and many others do exactly this bug, it's never been a problem. The only problem was when you are a ZM and use bugs/glitches to infect people. So, if it's a problem all of a sudden, then I'm also responsible. Specially when a lot of ZM play passively like a rat, waiting for you to exit the tunnel just to infect you...
  13. Летний конкурс от zavr1k =)

    Good luck to everyone. @zavr1k
  14. Happy Birthday cbdo ^^

    Obrigado!Merci!Thank you! Spasibo! @zavr1k