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  1. I got bullied :(

    Player nickname: Ingayvarr / YnwMellybot / DisconNIKEct / Povelitel_Ejikov / Thomas_Shelby Describe the nature of your complaint: Today they mocked me :((.My friends in real life laugh at me and do not want to hang out with me because of these rude people. I ask the administrators to severely punish them with no remorse. I am sad and very, very humiliated : (( POV; My reaction when i saw these rude people : Ps: If the admins do not punish them, then I will sue all admins without exception.
  2. Заявка на админку

    For! Could you ban Ingvarr instead of Bushik? This kid is annoying. Ps. Remember to leave flash grenades in your pocket. #Zombielivesmatter
  3. VIP

    Nobody cares... On the topic: Against. You ruined some of my gaming experience for me (let yourself be infected with sabotaje to kill me). You change your nickname many times and behave unpleasantly. And let's not even talk about all the bypass of bans. If you get VIP, then I don't know why others are denied.
  4. VIP+

    If you dont use flash granades im for!
  5. Didi Happy birthday !!

    Happy birthday to the most thuggest person on this server! Mr didi also known as the man with the most ugliest hands on the server.
  6. What Ingvarr told you is true. There are many YouTube videos explaining how to do this. You should stop being lazy and ignorant and do a little research before opening your mouth. PS. Ingvarr is a bot
  7. Музыка

  8. V.I.P +

    I am for. If the following conditions are met
  9. Killer Brother`s (History)

    Happy birthday !
  10. вип

    it depends. If your goal is to throw flash grenades and use them with a small number of players, then no. if not, then I am for

    Buuhuuu. I will give you a tissue :( Ps: im sorry but i had to make fun. Its funny to me
  12. Ingbot birthday!

    Happy birthday Ingbot! Congratulations to the most passive guy. Lets all be nice to him because he is very sensitive and he will cry if we are rude
  13. Happy Birthday zavr1k )

    Happy birthday
  14. Happy birthday Marry

    Happy birthday Merve I wish you a happy day surrounded by people who love you!