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  1. Unfair ban.

    YNW Pokamolodoy666 its not an admin.He can only make votebans. So thats why you got a ban instead of kick or a slay. And second for someone who likes to insult family relatives and insult others, you are very lucky to only have a 30 min ban. Dont try to make this a racial or a descrimination action when in fact you dont act as a respectfull player to others
  2. Happy Bday ! (Murat)

    Feliz aniversário caralho! Nao tenho mais nada a dizer^^
  3. Compain of VIp + bespredel

    First of all its possible to say " ma brother" or " ma brotha" or "ma dude" . Using the expression " ma" its a slang. Second , the problem here its not him saying "FU", but rather him speaking about my mother. Of course you would say that, its more easy for you to say that than to try to explain yourself. You said i was the first to provoque and that people see me as "toxic "so its OK for them to disrespect me. I respond to this comments that you did and your response is " you translated wrong"....
  4. Compain of VIp + bespredel

    How was i the first to provoque if he literally said "FU" (wich means "[цензура] you" for those who dont know) and called me an idiot immediately after i infected him? Where did I start the provocation? He is not a beginner or either a weak players so i dont understand your point. He is a VIP+ who gets mad when gets infected and starts to provoque, its that simple i dont understand why are you trying to make him a victim when he clearly knows the game. and has been playing for a long time.. I didnt felt for any provocation, many players do the same that he did and i respond back whith no problem. I found it so funny how you defend him saying that he is a "beginner" or "low player" and downgrade the fact that he speak about my family. Why is he allowed to provoque me and i have to be a saint? Where was i toxic in the first place??? Are you saying that if i infect someone in the game than the player have the right to start provoquing or insulting me because people see me as "toxic" ? He called my mother a b1tch... what dont you understand??
  5. Compain of VIp + bespredel

    bespredel He got infected and started to provocate me, after i responded he starts to insult my family This player has been like this for a very long time, when he gets infected by me he usually starts to provoquing me, wich i dont mind but when he provoques my family thast when you crossed the line. Demo: https://gs13.myarena.pro/getzipdemo.php?hid=2155&dem=cstrike/auto-2303151617-bio_simpsons.dem (+20min) Screenshoot:
  6. Complain

    More details about his manners:
  7. Complain

    Player: treidvamzlatochukampolegato Steamid: STEAM_0:0:2036868816 How it was: Family provocation : Demo: https://gs13.myarena.pro/getzipdemo.php?hid=2155&dem=cstrike/auto-2302281545-zm_trakinax_tubo_rmk.dem Screenshots: Here is the link that you wanted :) :
  8. Happy Birthday Frozen & SM(Саймоон)

    A bit late :/ but happy birthday to both .
  9. unban request

    Lets not exaggerate
  10. ВИ АЙ ПИ

    I love seeing VIP players insulting other people's parents (several times) and only get a short ban . For this reason, I am for. Please give VIP to a guy who has a bad temper and insults other people's parents. Kinger and Tony_Montana should also apply for vip in my opinion
  11. Броню хочу

    Another wave of Vip with armor incoming ^^. Regular players prepare your defenses For
  12. Gega, с днем Рождения!

    Happy b-day gega! Who would have thought that bots grow older every year ^^
  13. Админка(Дайте шанс)

    Sometimes it's just good to be quiet On the topic: For
  14. didi • nobLe Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday ^^