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    It's not a very good argument, because if you're saying "I'm an old player blah blah blah" then why are you passivating so much? For an old player you dont seem to know that you cant passivate. I don't trust you either. I also dont trust you. Squink squink ;)
  2. Happy birthday L*

    Happy birthday L* Dont know if you still active on the server but i still wish you happy birthday and an happy life

    Wow why you calling low level players as a low level players? Thas very offensive :). If you havent noticed his passive gameplay than turn on your monitor. You tell me if its normal.

    3-4 the guy submites, always rejected . On the topic: Against. still passive ( rat to be more precise) strictly my opinion.
  5. Kinger reconected many times - NO BAN

    What drink have you tasted? I must try
  6. Админка

    Do not mind. Good luck
  7. фуцк

    @Boban Next time write status on console and copy his steam_id. It will be more easy to punish since we can do it on the website
  8. Закрыть набор

    If thats the problem you can kick the old ones and give space for the new generation . Problem solved
  9. LVL UP maximum mode

    I didn't mean to give my opinion here, but since you mentioned my name, here it goes. Also I have been active on the forum/server for 2 years and the way you describe it looks like I joined the server yesterday and someone gave me an admin panel... Let me remind you that this is just my opinion. About the topic: Strongly against. There is still passive game, now it is less frequent, but it exists. You said you are fixing it, but I disagree. Also I think you get emotional and impatient sometimes, which is not a big deal if it happens rarely, after all we are all humans but I have seen this happen a few times. Regards cbdo ^^
  10. VIP +

    For. Good luck!
  11. Заявка на админку

    For. bot gameplay level but what can you do ^^ Good luck
  12. Несоблюдение правил админами

    I'll close the topic for now. Let the main admin decide what is best in this case. I think that everyone has already expressed their opinion, and now its becoming into a battle of rules, decisions, etc. Come on, let's relax, it's Murat and Oracle's birthday, go wish them happy birthday and if you have time join the server because I need kills ^^. PS: If jeski wants to say something i can open the topic again.
  13. С днём рождения

    Happy b(ot)rthday :)
  14. Doğum günün kutlu olsun Murat :)

    Happy birthday Murat ! muah muah