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  1. ВИ АЙ ПИ

    I love seeing VIP players insulting other people's parents (several times) and only get a short ban . For this reason, I am for. Please give VIP to a guy who has a bad temper and insults other people's parents. Kinger and Tony_Montana should also apply for vip in my opinion
  2. Броню хочу

    Another wave of Vip with armor incoming ^^. Regular players prepare your defenses For
  3. Gega, с днем Рождения!

    Happy b-day gega! Who would have thought that bots grow older every year ^^
  4. Админка(Дайте шанс)

    Sometimes it's just good to be quiet On the topic: For
  5. didi • nobLe Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday ^^
  6. Blitz and Heil

    Nicknames HeilFlugel STEAM_0:1:562002933 Blitz: STEAM_0:1:223642228 Heilflugel blocked the ZM while Blitz kill the zombies that were blocked (f_cking idiot to be more precise) Demo: https://gs13.myarena.pro/getzipdemo.php?hid=2155&dem=cstrike/auto-2209011820-zm_snowbase_fl.dem (Timestamp: last round)
  7. Happy Birthday Marry ^^

    Happy birthday "Aden" ( its a boy name by the way ^^) I hope you have a good day
  8. Double Grand's

    I am used to be the leader since i was the leader of the [B!O] clan . As you can see i raised the B!O clan to his full potential ^^. Then i joined GS-m clan as the leader and now they are elite pro gamers. My work speak for itself If its OK i will be formally known as the Leader and you as the clan founder ^^
  9. Double Grand's

    Im sorry all but i need to leave the clan since im not the leader :/. It was a big dream for me but it is what it is Good luck to the clan
  10. Double Grand's

    Nickname: cbdo, ChikaBuga,Leader and top 1^^ * Your age : 25 * How long have you been playing on the project? : 2 years * Motivation for joining a clan: I want to be the leader of the clan ^^. I am currently the leader of GS-m but i need a challenge ^^ Availability of Discord or Telegram (recommended): Steam Do you agree to visit the forum at least once a week? (recommended) : Yes and no but more inclined to yes
  11. Cbdo happy birthday

    Thank you all for the good wishes . I know some of you texted me because you were afraid I would kill you on the server , but as you know, my job as the leader of gs-m clan is to kill everyone on the server without exception Thanks again and I hope you had a great day too ^^
  12. Рисунки

    I draw this and it took me 3 hours to do it so dont judge ^^
  13. Many admins dont take the time to watch the demo nowadays... Its kind of our job job to do so... Usually i make a video because it makes the work easy for everyone. In this case he doesnt even say the timestamps or any other info so he doesnt make it easy.
  14. [цензура]ing hell, man. This text is longer than the Bible. Is it really that hard to make a little video or just post demos instead of all this? Where are the timestamps? Where is the demo from Zm_Braintell? You write everything in detail from your point of view and expect us to take your word for it and act on it?