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  1. /vipshop

    Am i translating this right? You want vip weapons to be more stronger? If so Hell fcking no
  2. VIP+

  3. Back to the future

  4. Back to the future

    Dont be sad Bushik. Here it is :
  5. Admin / player nickname: Predator, Nike How it was: I got kicked cause Predator blame me for a block that it was from another player. POV Demo link: Timestamp: 2:30/2:50 Next time make sure to listen to the players. I was blamed for something that i didnt do. I know that it was just a kick but why give me a kick instead of ban? Are you trying piss me off? Next time be a man and ban. Also i advice you Nike to stop disconecting from the games when you are zombie. You do that a lot. Like i said you owe me 50 euros.
  6. Добавьте карту

    The bug on the ladder is what makes the map fun to play. If you add the map please let the *bug" stay
  7. 3 players Blocking and making the game unplayable

    Fenix steam id: STEAM_0:0:1342852426
  8. 3 players Blocking and making the game unplayable

    I forgot to do that. I though the admins had access to steam id outside of the game. Next time i make sure to put the steam id
  9. 3 players Blocking and making the game unplayable

    Im pretty sure they knew the rules. Players asked them to not block. Donyor is a regular player so there is no way that he doesnt know that he cant block. Also here is the second demo. You can see in the first round 4 players leaving the server cause Akbarali UZB and Fenix blocked the passage so Donyor could kill the zombies.
  10. Player: Fenix, Donyor,Akbarali UZB Fenix and Akbaralhi were blocking the passage for the other players while Donyor kills the rest. This is one of the examples cause there were playing like a team. They done this for a couple of rounds making the game unplaisant for everyone that was playing. Everybody that was playing on the server left because of this 3 players. Demo; 1- and 2- zm_heat_2x2 this demo is still unavailable. Im not going to post timestamps cause they done this a lot through the game. I cant even count. Some players were even coursing at them. In the second demo was when everybody left the game cause they made the game unplayable. I wasnt going to post a complaint since Smurf said that there is few players online at night and to be more soft, but i think they deserve a long ban.
  11. Happy birthday didi

    Happy birthday bro
  12. Leaving clan

    I was suspicious of that
  13. Leaving clan

    Hello guys, its been a pleasure to be in the clan but i want to leave the clan for personal reasons. Good luck to all and i see you guys in the game . Ps: If anyone knows where Drezhnik is, please send me a private message. He still didnt come back since he said " im going to buy cigarettes, ill be right back"
  14. I dont mind. You need to convince the rest. At least behave good
  15. I want be Admin :)

    Approved! Pay to me 150 euros each month and send me in private message nickname and password. I advice you to read the rules once more cause any violation and the Admin panel will be removed with no refund.