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  1. С днем рождения Smurfeta ♡

    Happy birthday

  3. Application for Admin Status

    Some people have grouped against me. While playing some people didn't infect each other and attacked straightly towards me (that includes some people close to the Alko clan members) That happened a couple of times and sadly nobody asked me the actual reason (except Frozen). I can tell you more detailed in PM
  4. Заявка на VIP

    Of course for
  5. Application for Admin Status

    This is not something about reconnect or disconnect, this is about my online time on the server
  6. Application for Admin Status

    I don't want to spam here but you gave me the right to say it. First of all I have been playing here since 2019 and I have VIP+ status for like 7 months. After getting a job in september I took some time off because of some reasons (like moving to another city, renting an apartment flat etc..) but lately I am active but you haven't realized that. Sorry about that but I had to answer these comments. Have a good day.
  7. Your nickname - Blackwhist Your name - Murat Your age -27 How many bans did you have and for what reason - https://evilzombbans.myarena.site/search.php?nick=Blackwhist Communication with you - Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/blackwhist - Twitter: https://twitter.com/muratyasar78 - Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Blackwhist Why do you want to become an admin: To help the project. I know how to deal with people (this is a part of my job) and I want to do what is needed to be done in a fair way. Either negative or positive I want to see your opinion about me. It will give me the opportunity to eliminate my negative sides and improve the positive ones. Do you know amx commands: Yes Will you help* our server: Of course Your protocol (Steam/NonSteam): Steam
  8. Happy Birthday Murat ♡ (Blackwhist)

    Thank you all, with much respect
  9. С днем рождения - OPAKJI

    Happy birthday mister "i kill you"
  10. С Днем Рождения РУКИ БАЗУКИ

    Happy birthday
  11. EvilZomb Parody video

    I can't stop laughing man, this is a masterpiece haha
  12. Complaint about Player

    Admin / player nickname: FSK31 How it was: During the map "zm_kizaki_b5_" I infected the player given above. But that guy just blocked my path and VIP player Marry killed me. They have acted as if nothing have happened. There were admins but they didn't take any action. So I ask the administration to do what is needed to be done. Thank you again. Demo file: auto-2103092259-zm_kizaki_b5
  13. Заявка на VIP+ статус

    A good player. he totally deserves it. I'm for.