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  1. С днем рождения Vostok :)

  2. VIP+

    Witam, chcę ubiegać się o status VIP +, imię Jack Mam 20 lat Znam zasady serwera Gram regularnie, brak konfliktu z administracją, czatuję ... Chcę oferować swoje usługi Będę bardzo zobowiązany Contact fb, snap Discord
  3. VIP #

  4. One of Them

    Very good clan) I wish to say
  5. Change

    I understand, there is no problem, maybe this problem can be solved, I am blocked almost every day (luckily when Admin always listens to me, but when there is nobody from the Administration then the blocks are just starting! It is very annoying!
  6. Change

    I just want to suggest suggestions) I play on Biohazard servers for several years ... I think that if Zombie could penetrate itself there would not be so many bans, I play every day and always see when Adminin has to throw someone out ... You can avoid this type of situation
  7. Change

    Hello, for a long time we have been fighting on the server with the so-called "Block" it happens practically every day ... That's why I have a simple solution I want to propose a solution, can it be that on the "E" button there may be penetration through ZM It could solve a problem that affects dozens of players
  8. С Днем Рождения n1ke_t^m_active

    All the best! I wish you much health, happiness and whatever you wish)
  9. Превышение полномочий администрации

    Listen, why do you blame? Give up if you don't like something ...
  10. Превышение полномочий администрации

    People, this is absurd!
  11. Заявка в Клан

    Give it a chance) a new player will be useful to us) I'm in charge!
  12. С Днём Рождения , Алия! [MaloiSLV]

    Wszystkiego najlepsze z okazji urodzin))
  13. *Frozen[?!]

  14. Заявка на VIP v2