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  1. unban request

    After banning someone 3 times, the rule is not added. First the rule is added, then you are banned if it is not followed. yes, macromouse is added to the rules now. But when I was banned, it was not in the rules and as I have said many times, the owner of the server told me that it was not prohibited. And I asked again and again, are you banning me because of the macromouse? There was no answer given. I was banned for 10 days and added to the rules. I have now removed the macromouse. But all these actions done to me are a great injustice. You could have at least contacted Smurf and asked and made it clear that the program was now banned. It's the same as treating me like a fool. If I knew it was forbidden, I wouldn't use it anyway and why should I post a picture and ask?
  2. unban request

    Here, the issue is long past whether the ban is lifted or not. The problem is; My reason for ban is "abh" I don't have this and I just add jump in macromouse. I also talked to the server head admin in a pictured way. A lot of people are using macromouse on the server. Especially look at those who jump like acrobats, everyone knows that it is not possible to reach that level with a mouse ball. if i was told it is not forbidden. If another admin uses this as an excuse and removes me from the server, there is a problem.
  3. unban request

    You're right, macromouse makes it easy. So it should be banned as a rule. Otherwise I shouldn't be penalized for something I've been told is not forbidden.
  4. unban request

    Yes. Block is showing a fake stance because he can't do it anyway. And since he always waits for a little bit at the tip of the jumping places, when the next person jumps, he falls to the ground.I've seen this many times. According to your logic, I have the right to wait in these two places until people reach me? If you are aware, everyone is running away as nike zombies in the video, including me. Ok, we have a deal with you. You say macromouse is forbidden. When I talked about the same issue with '' смурф '' 2 years ago, he said that it was not forbidden. Well, if the macromouse is not banned, what will you do in return for the bans you throw? Conversations are available. I threw the same logitech screen into '' смурф '' 2 or 3 years ago.
  5. unban request

    Sasuke: that account was opened to play quietly with a relaxed mind.But once I got access to my main account I didn't need it. You do this for the people who stay behind in the jump zones on every game, every map, from a to z. I was going to shoot a few more videos, but I didn't care, saying that I would quietly play my own game. I wish I had taken it. not: I know this is not the place for the video. I should open a new complaint. But I think he should stay here so he can see himself when he's judging me.
  6. unban request

    If this script is used, no human&zombie can use bunny except leaper. I've tested it on a few servers I've set up myself.
  7. unban request

    Yes, it is in his correspondence from 2 years ago. I corresponded with the nick name Dresden "with смурф". He told me that macromouse is not forbidden, but if you make the delay too fast, the server will automatically detect it as a cheat. I even wrote an antibunny script for the server. Why would I use it, even though it's one of the things I hate the most? Even though people left the game when andiduck came, I defended that it was beautiful and stayed on the server.
  8. unban request

    Are you decrypting Davinci in the video? Last year, your manager was deleted because of my complaints. I guess your grudge continues. But the interesting thing is that your playing style hasn't changed at all. I have 2 more videos for you tonight. You are Blocking in one. In the other, you don't ban your clan friend who is blocking. If I go back to the subject, if someone other than Nike is seriously interested in the subject, it will not be bad anymore..
  9. unban request

    here allegedly I am using a bunny cfg. This is the reason why I got banned. I made a video like this to show that I have nothing.
  10. unban request

    The game is completely in its original settings. Taken by phone at the time of ban.Could an authorized person other than n1ke be involved in the issue? I think it's a personal grudge.
  11. unban request

    Did you ban me for using "macromouse"? He had previously said that the '' смурф '' macromouse is not prohibited. Many people on the server use the macromouse.
  12. unban request

    For me the problem is still waiting to be resolved. If there is a certainty here - I claim that I do not use any scripts - it means that you will ban me again when my ban is opened tomorrow. What can I do in this situation?
  13. unban request

    I don't understand what's in the video. Like I said, I don't use anything other than a mocromouse. If I have to show all the cfg in the cs folder without entering the game to prove it, I will. That's how I play it and shoot a video. I've been on your server for about 11 years. I've used the names Dresden Zombie Naruto and not a single person has written an article about cheating. But ever since I started using the macromouse, you've been banning it by saying script.
  14. unban request

    If I remember correctly, I spoke with "смурф" before. He said macro mouse is not forbidden. There is no script that I use. I don't need such things anyway. I'm entering your server just because it's nice to spend time with you, but now there is no pleasure in the game when someone will be banned.
  15. complain admin n1ke

    Sorry, I used the translation. i forgot to write english