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  1. Легенда мапа Toxic_house2

    i played to this map for a long time. It was good map. But I don't think the same results will happen here.
  2. zm_milles_beta

    @N1ke The mechanism system is now on for 8 seconds and off for 8 seconds. How do you think it should be?
  3. zm_milles_beta

    Thanks for the warning messages. i added a new place. There is 6 safe place in map. zm_milles_beta.bsp
  4. zm_milles_beta

    I edited the map last year. But now i combined my two different maps (zm_evilzomb_milles + zm_panic_3room). I think map was good. :) I hope we have a good time.. Please write to the subject if you see an error on the map or have suggestions. zm_milles_beta.bsp Not: The map has one hidden area (tip: in a high place)
  5. Заявка на Вип

  6. Нелогичный админ .

    I haven't saw him while playing passive games. But most people who get `` leapers '' wait until the end of the round. I think he was killed too early
  7. 5 infect 1 kill

    Yes you are right. It is difficult to write as a script. It would be nice if it could be done
  8. Happy birthday Merve!

    mutlu yıllar merve umarım gönlünce bir yıl geçirirsin
  9. 5 infect 1 kill

    As we all know, there is a passive play of zombies on the server. People leave the game when they see '' you are infection '' at the beginning of the round. I think this might be the best way to fix this situation. Note: 5 infect or 4 infect it doesn't matter
  10. bio_2room (v1)

    thanks. sorry for this i think fixed ) bio_2room_beta.rar
  11. bio_2room (v1)

    added new sky and server all clan names bio_2room_beta.rar
  12. bio_2room (v1)

    i changed server advertise) and latest version bio_2room_v1.bsp
  13. bio_2room (v1)

    a map I edited last year. Now i completely changed the textures and features again. I hope you will like it. I think it will be fun to play bio_2room_v1.bsp
  14. a good decision. I think the same ban should be done in a bunny. Of course, with a certain restriction (bunny made in open field can be adjusted) Let me also state why I said this. Biohazard mod is full of bugs. Many players here may not know that. The simplest thing is to know who was infected at the beginning of the round. This is due to the bunny plugin.
  15. Прошу обратить внимание !

    statistics = reason for playing passively It is not difficult to play with 6.0 7.0 8.0 ratio (3 steps is enough) 1 - quit the game if you are zombies on the screen (usually done.Return after 5 or 10 minutes.) 2 - If you are certain that you will die when infected, exit the game (Return after 15 minutes.) 3 - Playing only on certain maps In a game environment where even admins play passively, the reason is definitely the statistical order. Solution: You can remove the blue and red area in the image from the statistics. Resutl: Being a zombie doesn't stress. Scores or statistics will not be a problem. Instead of being passive until the last second, a more active game is chosen In a place where these are not available, people will try to reach 9.0 10.0.