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  1. complain admin n1ke

    Sorry, I used the translation. i forgot to write english
  2. complain admin n1ke

    video 1 - 2 First of all, if there was another admin who did this, I would believe her. but I call it a block when someone who does not attack anyone until the last zombie remains barricades in front of people. And if you've noticed, this always happens when there are ynw clan members. Already in the game, you can see that they protect each other when they are the first zombies. my guess is that nike may have even told him to throw the flash :). I think they are having a voice dialogue on a platform (discord etc.) This is my bad intention if it's not true Video 3 Most players do not like to play zombies. I also sometimes quit the game when it gave an infection. But I was not entering at least 1 map. I can even make a guess on this one. He realized that there was a zombie in the middle of the stairs. Sometimes people don't pay attention to the infect text. If you notice, the bunny couldn't make it there and he left the game directly when he realized that he was infected. Let this be my second bad intention :) You can say there is nothing in the video. But beware, it does this every time. Round starts gave him an infect and he leaves the game and comes back in less than 1 minute 1. video 2. video video 3 This was my old complaint. If anyone is interested, you can take a look at it :)
  3. complain admin low skill ##

    1- someone who knows the details of the game very well Because it was stuck on both sides, it was reconnected before the infection started.this is exactly that way. But if you want to ignore it, it's the window you want to look at. But it shows wrong :) 2- Both are criminals, for Sidiron blocking the ones in front and throwing his gun. Nike, on the other hand, because it could not ban the person who made "mir" as you call it. Consider the simplest Zomboy map. In the narrow place, someone lets his friend pass behind him, hands him his gun on top of him, and infects those in front of him and walks away without infecting him. Do you think this is normal? 3- Low skill = pp = nike 3 players are the same person (for those who don't know). I said there was nothing intentional here anyway. However, I was banned saying that this is a block. And the person who banned me did the same. It shouldn't be hard to understand
  4. complain admin low skill ##

    skif 1- False. This is '' retry ''. 2- False. He puts his gun to his name and blocks other people. Admin goes safely and has two guns. then all clans will be free to not make each other zombies 3- False. Watch the videos carefully. Video 1. He's (Low skill) using the shift key. Sasuke said '' stop block '' Video 2. Shift key is not used, but he banned me. 4- False. Because this person does this not only in this game, but in every game. It kills all the zombies, especially when trying to play passively and stay to the end.
  5. complain admin low skill ##

    I'm sending the message on behalf of my brother. I think he is n1ke. You don't have to get such bad admins just because they give money. I made 4 separate videos 1- reconnect 2- mir + take your friend's gun 3- (2 video. me and him ) Block ( if he n1ke. he's doing his own ban ) 4- I was banned for saying it was wrong ( i said '' if admin dead all zombie slay. If admin live no slay. New bad admin '' thats all ) 1--- 2----- 3 (2 video)----- 4--
  6. vIp

  7. VIP+

  8. Exit

    Good luck my friend
  9. Эскейп мапы!

    i play biohazard about for 14 years. I did not enjoy any escape maps other than Boatescape. Things are a bit enjoyable in the last line of defense, but the room is maximum 1-2 rounds. Maybe it sounds like an unnecessary chase to me because of my age (37). I don't know. But even if it comes to the server, I don't leave the game. I play. +
  10. Легенда мапа Toxic_house2

    i played to this map for a long time. It was good map. But I don't think the same results will happen here.
  11. zm_milles_beta

    @N1ke The mechanism system is now on for 8 seconds and off for 8 seconds. How do you think it should be?
  12. zm_milles_beta

    Thanks for the warning messages. i added a new place. There is 6 safe place in map. zm_milles_beta.bsp
  13. zm_milles_beta

    I edited the map last year. But now i combined my two different maps (zm_evilzomb_milles + zm_panic_3room). I think map was good. :) I hope we have a good time.. Please write to the subject if you see an error on the map or have suggestions. zm_milles_beta.bsp Not: The map has one hidden area (tip: in a high place)
  14. Нелогичный админ .

    I haven't saw him while playing passive games. But most people who get `` leapers '' wait until the end of the round. I think he was killed too early