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  1. С днем рождения Leo :) Pistrynidze)

    С Днем рожденья.
  2. bio_night_fear

    1- Bio_evil_dust_fl 2- zm_evil_dust_w maybe one of the 2 maps can be removed and added :). Because 2 maps are almost duplicate
  3. Новые карты

    zm_die_hard_tn & zm_nkold : playing on these maps was good zm_heal_race : not good idea. it was playing back then but now only zombies will win. because
  4. bio_night_fear

    added adverb and help picture map latest version bio_night_fear_v3.rar
  5. bio_night_fear

    Picture 1: it is a difficult place, it is enough to stop 2-3 people. Other safe zones can be selected Picture 2: thanks Fixed Latest version ----> bio_night_fear_v2.rar
  6. New 2 maps

    you are welcome Eskimo ) I really liked the maps while saving
  7. bio_night_fear

    bio_night_fear_v1.rar I fixed some minor bugs. Hopefully a chance will be given to the map.
  8. zm_evilzomb_run

    I watched the demo from start to finish. I observed that there were difficult situations for a mid-level player. I'll simplify it a little bit and send it again tomorrow. I think you will love it when you get used to the map
  9. bio_night_fear

    A fearful map always tastes in biohazard. bio_night_fear.rar
  10. banned

    Thanks skif. I'am not surprised.
  11. banned

    Can I learn who is banned ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYl5YQQG13k&feature=youtu.be
  12. banned

    I didn't see who banned it. Why is it banned in such a ridiculous way? I don't have to walk there constantly. I can go to a corner and wait Russians are really bad administrator now... It was not like this before. Or you are racist against Turks. I think around 20:00
  13. zm_evilzomb_run

    I am waiting. Hopefully it will be added soon. if the map is loved, i will make new ones
  14. Считалочка

  15. Считалочка