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    everybody calls me didi new beginning 22 new alliances
  2. Happy Birthday cbdo ^^

    Happy belated birthday faker
  3. Смурфета с днем рождения!

    С Днем Рождения beautiful
  4. Happy Bday ! (Murat)

    Happiest birthday my bro you already know ❤️
  5. С Днём Рождения n`eat ^ Adv1

    Happy belated birthday dear Maks i hope you spend 100 more close to your family while being healthy and close to the game aswell my friend
  6. Adm

    за +++
  7. I feel like this one should go in the museum it’s like a piece of art and everyone who participated here to make this a constant and consistent being active for all these years as a contribution i’d like to thank them, aswell as the head administrators of this server, where day to day i feel like i have just started to play it’s beautiful, just so you know those who were here from the beginning deserve to be praised at this standpoint, this server keeps me active on the game otherwise i don’t think i would play counter strike at all once again i raise a glass for the head adminstrators staff this one goes for you
  8. Nurstyle! С днем Рождения!

    Happy belated birthday nur 100 more years
  9. С днём рождения 100 more years ahead both of you especially lil bro dule
  10. Evil'one | STRIKEz c Днюхой

    С Днём рождения!
  11. Happy Birthday Frozen & SM(Саймоон)

    Happy Birthday Alex ❤️ 100 more years with your loved ones
  12. Happy New Year 2023 May this year give you prosperity throughout the life, i think these past two years were challenging and we only look forward to better things in life. Spending time with your loved ones should be a first priority staying healthy eating healthy drinking healthy p.s a little alcohol for a good time never bothered anybody. Spread love and kindness hoping for a return that’s how it works, i am glad to be among you all in this server Love you all from didi Подтверждено Ник: didi
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  15. didi • nobLe Happy Birthday

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes Спасибо всем за поздравления с днем рождения