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  1. Смурфета с днем рождения!

    happy birthday
  2. pointless slanders

    The situation has nothing to do with marry , some have told me that I have been reported and I am suspicious, this is the reason for my post above
  3. pointless slanders

    I think something is going on guys,Awp alone has more than 60 damages. There's absolutely no exaggerated gameplay beyond the norm, and some people who play on the server project their personal issues with me. Administrators who didn't know about the incident started to think wrong about me, I've been on this server for 3 years, believe what you see, not what a few people say, don't make a mockery of yourself.
  4. Admin application

    Nick: Killer Brother`s (Deus) (hzteyzekemiren) Name : Mert Your age: 20 Communication with you (vk, skype, etc.): Discord: Deus#9586 , Telegram : Deus Have you had bans: Never Why do you want to become an administrator: I have been on the server for a long time and I want to support the server as an admin. After my previous application, I was told to play as vip+ for another month Do you know amx commands: Yes Specify your protocol ( Steam / NonSteam ): Steam
  5. Заявка в клан n.1

  6. vip application

  7. zm_falconbase_v1

    There will be rearrangements on the maps for maximum optimization
  8. Complain of Evil'one | STRIKEz

    It is the rules that make the server special, if the rules are violated, the server does not have any privileges. It's good to see that you're ready for punishments, because you'll endure your punishment. (Due to intentional server login ban violation and racial insult)
  9. Complain of Evil'one | STRIKEz

    ban violation !
  10. Complain of Evil'one | STRIKEz

  11. Complain of Evil'one | STRIKEz

    Evil'one | STRIKEz Although we did not have a problem with anyone, the person wrote a racist insult in the chat after becoming infected. We didn't keep the conversation going so as not to contaminate the server's chat. Since when are "kids" recruited into the admin team?? You must seize authority
  12. clan application

  13. Заявка в вступление

    I don't know this player, I have no idea
  14. zm_falconbase_v1

    if u want try this map ingame, download this file. cstrike>maps bio_falconbase_v1.bsp
  15. zm_falconbase_v1

    Map Updated ! Check new video. The map has been adapted to smaller size,revised again.