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  1. VIP+ application

    I was only vip before, now I want to be vip+, I submitted the application for him.
  2. clan application

    1-mert 2-hzteyzekemiren 3-20 4-İstanbul 5-i know about server rules Alıntı
  3. Killer Brother`s

  4. Killer Brother`s

    1-Mert 2-hzteyzekemiren 3-20 4-Istanbul 5-I know about server rules
  5. VIP+ application

    Age : 20 Nickname : hzteyzekemiren I used to play as vip for a long time on the server, I took a break and started again
  6. VIP | Dule.

  7. Hate Speech

    Yes, he insults Turks, both verbally and in writing. We are uncomfortable with this situation, I think it should be banned indefinitely.
  8. VIP application

    my friends, i write in english but it translates my writing to my language automatically i guess i solved the problem
  9. VIP application

    Name: Rüzgar Age: 19 Turkish player Nickname: hzteyzekemiren I have no bans and kicks, I have been playing biohazard in different variations for 8 years, I started playing on this server 1 month ago, I quit my job 2 days ago and now I can spare at least 5 hours a day server, I want to be a VIP to have more fun! you won't regret it, my friends! Discord : Melancholy # 6666