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  1. ban request

    how can i be happy when i see that you re not enjoying the game with the others? and you are playing with them actually? this makes me sad actually because i want you to play happy but you get bonus allready and above that you re disrespectfull thinking you re above others,an admin should not even joke on that. Your behavior tells a lot in the game ,i can t help you unless you help yourself first bro
  2. ban request

    i say you get yourstuff togheter :)) ,no admin should lie about such things =)) ,even when i said i can use it u said u will ban me :)) but then u can use it bcz u re special AND YOU RE ADMIN . cut the bullshit ,won t work with me you all know that most of cfgs/scripts got no recoil added ,even if you don t notice the no recoil should be treated as cheat on classic biohazard but who cares here,you all cover up yourself because you all like playing the others and not with the others. i can t fight them all but at least i will try ,is what makes this game great ,the fighting . you can close topic now because you always find something to say but no proof actually. to predict the behavior of ordinary people in advance, you only have to assume that they will always try to escape a disagreeable situation with the smallest possible expenditure of intelligence.
  3. ban request

    addmiting is not enough ? clearly he said he got no recoil and he s above others ,can t even joke as admin so this behavior brings the proof that he uses no recoil and if wasn t the case so far it should be forbidden on the mode otherwise what s the point in shooting zombies if you just use no recoil to kill faster? why u playing the mode ? so you can show how good you are in front of others? is this the point of the game? or is it to just have fun as equals ? don t u think that the actual fun is there when we re equals? but if you see the game this way ,just for yourself good luck in searching for fun
  4. ban request

    the time of the killing to myself and others in the game of player alkozomb high in the game today on the map restart using an usual script/cfg with no recoil on classic biohazard was at like 5 minutes after the demo starts ,when killer666 got to 30 kilss or so :)))
  5. ban request

    this is not about being right or wrong mate,is about understanding , what voin said is true but that doesn t mean no recoil in biohazard mode is of very much use in easing the game because the point of the game is to survive the zombie infection by killing them quikly ( no recoil) or running surviving . It may be a game function but definately he did not create himself those set ups and most likely chose to download a cfg /script wich is used to ease the game . I bring this to your attentions admins that a :" no recoil " on a biohazard classic server is definately easing the gameplay and should be treated as cheating . if you think that this is okay when playing this mode then i got nothing else to say to you ,your servers your rules but at least be honest with yourselves here no recoil for classic biohazard =)) why the fack we playing the mode then =))?
  6. ban request

    i hope i understood well enough with translation rule no 1 says clear , it is forbiden to use any scripts wich easy the gameplay ,so you re telling me that is okay to shoot 3 to 5 bullets stright to head you are right when saying that all players experience the same but you got enough experience voin i mean come on ,we are on the classic biohazard ,you can t have a no recoil set up ,that will make you a big pussi ,why playing the game ,why can t we all just have no recoil and shot to kill with less than a full charger? i understand is okay to have when playing classic but this is a classic biohazard mode bro ,absolutely no advantage you should have when shooting the zombie ,otherwise there is no point in playing the mode .
  7. ban request

    we are talking about today cbdo and you were not on the server on that map when happened to be killed in just few seconds then i asked him if he got no recoil and he said kinda ,so it s a yes ,no recoil we know what it means allright ? plus on top of that he also said he likes to be above others and as admin you can t even make a joke on this ,so with such behavior you can expect him now to believe when he said he kinda have no recoil ,because most of cfg s do have but using no recoil in classic biohazard it s easing the game and it s stricly forbiden ,demo shows that too,at like 5 min after the demo starts it happens when he shoots 3- to 5 bullets hs stright , but i mean stright to head that s no recoil there . yeah ,regarding the gameplay ,i will pay when 5 vips renounce at the game bonuses of free will then i will donate montly to maintain the server up and we will al have so much fun because we will play togheter not just for ourselves i do not have the time to actually spend my time conving players that is best to leave their bonuses when playing the game and actualy come and play with the guys not making fun and playing for yourself to show that you re best and that s it ,that s what everyone plays mostly for ,but how many play to have fun essensialy ? i know that in every game all players have the same start ,that s why is a game right? but when you buy things to keep above the rest why are you playing the game for dude? to show yourself how good you are by being alone in the game and not playing with the others? you just play for yourself then ,you re not with the others at all . the game is made for fun ,is made to play the game with the players not just for yourself ,so if all admins and vips will quit having bonuses and chose to go for a fair game is where the real fun starts and therefore people will donate even more money to maintan the server up ,because you get faster rounds ,more fun ,more time enjoyed ,more reasons wich you will choose to donate because you re with the others ,feeling equals
  8. ban request

    okay ,so coming back to this the request is made upon the player Alkozomb high for using a script to easy the gameplay as of the rules [#1:] It is strictly forbidden to use any type of cheats or scripts which ease gameplay. there is some scrennshots attach from log chat wich shows his addmitance to it http://prntscr.com/105713i http://prntscr.com/10573m2 http://prntscr.com/10574mx as admin saying that you like being above other players is very disrespectfull to the server itselt after admiting that you re using a no recoil script ,ussualy good cfg's have te no recoil added with some other features but no recoil on a classic biohazard servers it is against the rules because it s easing the gameplay , you shoot more bullets straight to the brain and kill That zombie faster :)) ,it is considered as cheating right? why can i now use no recoil ? he said i get banned if i do so ,but he can use it ,why is he above others ? what sort of repututation he brings to the game? i understand he s admin he got bonus at each start round ,flash ,armor ,x2 dmg and stil playing with us but you can drop that ego of your s brother and start playing with the others ,same as the vip s , you guys all playing along to be the best to have the more kills to show that you re the best at the game but how many of you are playing the game with the players? i came on the server because i ejnoy playing with you not competing with you ,instead you re competing with me by playing me . i hope you see that one day and will start to just donate to mantain the server if you really like playing classic biohazard so much ,that s why is called classic ,because there s humans and there is zombies ,not superhumans and zombies , i think being human is super actually because superhuman does not exist in my disctionary
  9. ban request

    it doesn t work like what buddy ,it s allright i understand you re trying to cover him ,is what admins do for each others. It was no joke ,no recoil is cheating actually ,to me it doesn t matter ,i am just thankfull that i see the true people behind the game chair and is a shame brought to this game but even an admin . stop protecting him ,jokes like that don t come from admins plus i know what is no recoil bcz i got killed by it in a matter of seconds then asked and he admited so therefore you should take action not cover him up with this bullshit
  10. ban request

    Pierce ,i know what is a no recoil script ,i recognise a player when using it ,there are others too but i won t say names because it s admin s job to make sure players are playing fair and above that he also admited using it ,i can t open the screenshot on my computer but is what he actualy said . it s okay to try cover up another admin because your admin too but c mon guys ,try to keep the game fair don t ruin it becasue later there will be nothing else to play for ,if he uses no recoil then why shall i not use it too ? i tell others to use it and then zombies never win a round and the game goes down . why ? because it starts from the top with admins not respecting the rules . Cheating is cheating *DEAD* andrew : tis that no recoil alko ? Alkozomb | High : kinda Alkozomb | High : i am an admin 4eloBek killed Asyl with infection Alkozomb | High : i can use it
  11. ban request

    no paulo ,i am not here to complain to him ,i am here because what he did in the game was very disrespectful and is also cheating by using a no recoil script wich on this mode should totaly be forbiden because the point is to kill zombies by your own hand not using scripts ,or x2 dmg cuz you re admin , is enough to have a bonus at start but also an script too ? what chance does that gives me in the game against him? dmg + script ? vs me playing fair
  12. ban request

    okay right , so that damage is real bro ? and he still admited that he used no recoil ,how unfair is that gentelmen ? kiling zombie in less than few seconds with no recoil on zombie mod? think that s right? and multiplier for what really? they playing with us ,this is a joke brought to the game great people ,when we the rest are playing with them (along) they shitting on us so bad ,why ?
  13. ban request

    Hi ,i would like to request a ban upon the player Alkozomb -Hihg ,i should say admin because he said he likes to be above others players and i found that very disturbing to hear it from an admin that should actually promote in the game . So my request is upon using a no recoil in the game for killing the zombies easier and faster without using many bullets. I recond this method should be forbidden especially on the classic zm biohazard servers . Why will this be allowed when you re killing a zombie with less than a charger no matter the class of zombie is ,i have some screnshots attached too when he admited it . It was oviously very disturbing to see such behavior from him ,i m here to play with you (along with ) and instead he s there to play with me ( play me ) . For some reasons my saved scrennshots can t open but this is a copy past from the log ,can also put demo my it takes time untill you see everythig so this will make it easier i hope . *DEAD* andrew : tis that no recoil alko ? Alkozomb | High : kinda Alkozomb | High : i am an admin 4eloBek killed Asyl with infection Alkozomb | High : i can use it How disrespectfull to say that? you re admin you re using no recoil on zombie mod becasue u think you re special ? Special how ??? thinking that means that you re actually not
  14. ban request

    I SEE IT VERY well from my point of view ,if he was the last man behind how can he possibly see what was going ahead if 5 or 6 players where there:)) ,definately not blocking ,if it is the way you say it but you have no proof ,from my demo you can clearly see a normal round played ,i got killed by you and you guys still survived there ,then you complain about blocking :))? and also admin has to trust one guy to ban another guy just because you name a player and say he is blocking ? also he did said something in the demo and i don t understant but seemed like he was saying something against and stil got banned . I have all the rights to came here because such players like you are ruining my game play and the demo shows this . i became zombie after he was allready the first in the back ,then i came over you ,got killed ,you got infected and infected him bcz he wasn t doing the gameplay you wanted ,he was doing his gameplay and this is shameless to tell admin to ban him for your pleasure
  15. ban request

    bro ,say the full round ,there was no blocking from any players ,zombies came ,we we re all shooting and after you guys get back ,deth is the last at the back ,i get killed then more zombies came and infected you then you infected death,how was he blocking and when exactly bcz round was played nice . he did wrote something but i don t understand that language before he got blocked . once again , how can he could have blocked you when he was behind you and you guys killed those zombies quite a few of them ,then you got infected and blame the guy from the back who can t see nothing :))? that is very stupid ,just because you have a bad mood play doesn t mean admins should trust you when you say someone is blocking but in this demo there is no blocking my friend