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  2. zm_galaxy_click21

    why is that?
  3. zm_galaxy_click21

    O ok if u do remember the name of them map can u please let me know so i know to vote for it if I see it.
  4. zm_galaxy_click21

    This is a really great map I haven't seen that it exists already in the server . One of my favourite zm maps I'm sure if you would try it you would really like it too. Link - https://gamebanana.com/maps/159085 Here is a video to show how it looks properly.
  5. [Suggestions]

    The first song ? in first seconds is Capital Cities - Safe And Sound
  6. [Suggestions]

    I've played different server and I'm used to there damage of awp and knife not because I cant hit head I'm not even going for the head as u can see in the video because I'm used to playing where the dmg of head and body is the same... And in the server that i played everyone was 1 hit to infect that's why the knife dmg was high u couldn't buy any bs armor or anything even the last human was 1 hit to infect that how its balanced. And I gave the suggestions only because 95% of the people in the server are camping with autos in one place like 15-20 people.
  7. [Suggestions]

    You can see here how i shoot and how many times I hit and they don't die.
  8. [Suggestions]

    I know all the zombie hp I used to play zombies 24/7 I'm just not used to awp and knife dmg in this server and that u cant bhop or g strafe it just feels strange.
  9. [Suggestions]

    Yeah in the server that i played i knew how many shots i had to hit for every zombie before he dies i guess i will have to get used to it here and start counting again how much shots to kill each zombie and i mostly shoot for the body because that the quickest way if i aim for the head it will take extra time and then zombie will be already next to me. Doesn't it annoy u that everyone just camps with auto tho?
  10. [Suggestions]

    Thats sad :( i really like to play this server but i hit 10 shots with awp and the zombie still isnt dead :(
  11. [Suggestions]

    thats why im saying then sv_airacelerate can come in clutch because then zombies can move around better to not get hit and i doubt after the dmg change alot of people will change to awp except few.
  12. [Suggestions]

    everyone is playing with autos and its too overpowered because it shoots fast with awp its fair because if u miss u miss ur [цензура]ed with auto u miss one shot u keep spraying its more of skill with awp
  13. [Suggestions]

    its not consistent i checked it does around 20-30 dmg in body it should be all the same dmg on awp for all zombies 50 in body and head even 45 consistently would be perfect .
  14. [Suggestions]

    ok the knife dmg in this server is not the best because u have some extras bs that has to be 4 hits which will make it easy to knife people who has extra armor or whatever tf that is to infect but the awp dmg and sv_airacelerate u should consider it