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    Ah, ok no problem.Maybe I am just "lucky" haha And no, I did not know that "lul" is asshole, I am romanian and I am used to fool around by writting "lil", "lul", "lel" instead of lol(a local meme here).Just for the memes.I also speak some german and I thought asshole would be the same like in german and not "lul".Damn, this ban was a bit funny and I learnt a new word in dutch. Thanks you for answering! And I wanted to say "lol" because I killed a zombie with a grenade while I was zombie, not because I was infected.Ok, enough off topic from me. Cheers!
  2. Ban Axel

    Your nickname:Axel Ban link:https://evilzombbans.myarena.site/ban_list.php?bid=49060 Why you got banned:МАТ / ОСКОРБЛЕНИЕ POV Demo link: cstrike/evilzomb_bio.dem or HLTV Hello!Sorry for speaking english but I do not know russian, only some words I've just entered the server and I 've got banned.I know that it is only 30 min the ban but I do not know why I got it.As I see from google translate the reason is "offence/mat"(I guess bad language behaviour) but I did not say a word.Before this, I played on servel till 19 30 I think and the only word was "lul" and then the map ended and the map voting was to begin and I left the server.Could be the ban because I left the server and I was infected(I played on a server where you would get banned if you left the server as infected)? also, on the screen shot you can see that I type unbind(wanted unbindall) because maybe I had a bind from a server(ad or something) sorry if I did something bad but no idea what to be honest