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  1. Заява на админку

    Не против
  2. VIP+ Application Deta

    Where is the everyone ?
  3. VIP+ Application Deta

    a round is 3 minutes and 20 seconds and you take place until the virus spreads, you cannot protect yourself from the virus and you get infected and when you become a zombie, you die immediately and you say to me that you are playing passively, I am not playing passively, I infect the players walking around on the map and increase the number of zombies so that we have a number advantage when entering a place, but this Passive game for you. Players like n1ke pokamolodoy666 exsaiz also have the same game style. If you don't say anything to them when I apply here and don't create a topic against them in the forum, it means I don't take your comments into consideration.
  4. VIP+ Application Deta

    I've been playing with vip for a long time, I didn't have any disrespect or ban.my old nick is n1kname, my new nick is Deta
  5. VIP

    bence 1 şansa ihtiyacı var
  6. Complain About ''YNW exsaiz''

    every time using bad words to players you lose your vip 7 month ago for this
  7. Заявка на VIP

    + For
  8. заявка на статус ВИП

  9. Смурфета с днем рождения!

    Happy birthday to you kam kam kam )
  10. Happy Birthday N1kname

    teşekkürler sizi çocuklar seviyorum ben temizim kam kam kammmmmmm axaxaxaxaxa kam kam kam :DDD
  11. Считалочка

  12. заявка на статус ВИП +

    поиграй пока еще немного против випа и попробуй позже будет лучше
  13. Complain of Evil'one | STRIKEz

    i think you should stay vip