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  2. Alex blocked

    Player: Alex How it was: On the map flood_rmk this guy Alex blocked the entrance to the big shelter in the beginning even if he was human and not zombie. Because of him I got infected. I complained to admins but nobody made any reactions. Demo: https://www.sendspace.com/file/gm56cp You can see that moment at 13:07 Admin Zavrik was online and he didn`t take any action.
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  4. Complain on admin Kamikadze

    Hello dear people, I have to complain on this jerk Kamikadze. I don`t see him often on the server, but today when he was there he made a total mess. Who the hell gave him admin and how did he deserve it? He massively slays people (zm) just like that for imaginary passivity. He also slayed me two times. One time for imaginary block when the round almost ended I was zm and was first to go into shelter with 5 humen left inside the wall on zigger map. However I bluffed humen to waste ammunition while other zombies come and I escaped wounded. Then he came to attack them and he had the whole wide corridor passage, he could just by-pass me while I was exiting, but he invented imaginary block and he slayed me for that. Other time when I was only one zombie left (also on map zigger), I was wounded and I had to escape into the shelter inside the wall otherwise I would be killed in 3 seconds by 8 humen and he slayed me immediately. Unfortunately, I forgot to save demo before I entered the server again couple hours later. He has also massively slayed other zombies for imaginary passivity while they were regrouping to attack shelter in the middle. If there are other people who are reading this and were present on the server at that time, please confirm the story. I think this jerk who is very rarely seen on the server is misusing his admin status to bother other regular players. He needs to be removed from admin team for the benefit of the server. Thank you very much It was today about 2 PM (+1GMT), I guess it was 3 PM Russian time. Btw. how many times did you see Nike passive and did he ever get slayed?
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  6. Complain on Fifakill

    Pay attention from 1:35 on the video
  7. Complain on Fifakill

    Hello everybody, I have a complain on selfish idiot Fifakill who misuses his admin/VIP status. So, on the map zomboy, he came in the shelter where one more player and I were already. And then he stands up all the time so he blocks my sight and I cannot shoot because of him. Just because he is greedy selfish admin/VIP so he can make frags and we in the back cannot. I told him on microphone 10 times and also wrote him in the chat to sit down, so we can shoot too, but he still stands and blocks my sight. Instead of being thankful for coming into our shelter he blocks our shooting from behind so he can collect frags. Because of him, we didn`t make any resistance and didn`t kill any zombie and I was killed (the last) by zombies. All because of him. If he has sit down we would kill minimum 5 zombies, 1-2 zombies each of us 3 last humen, but no because of his greed. I told him that he is idiot for blocking us and then he gaged me and other admin banned me 30 min. This selfish greedy behavior and arrogant attitude by some admins/VIPs has to stop! Demo here: https://www.sendspace.com/file/5y97kd
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  10. С Днём Рождения SM# !!!

    Happy Birthday and all the best!
  11. С Днём Рождения *Frozen[?!] !!!

    Happy Birthday and best wishes!
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