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  1. I'm sorry! Ungag me (ChnZ)

    Ok i accept everything. I promise.
  2. I'm sorry! Ungag me (ChnZ)

    Hello! I have a permanent gag for several years. I would like if the penalty can be removed I'll agree to follow all the rules of the server. I also want to buy VIP status. CHNZ G1 UNGAGGED
  3. sabotage bans, russians vs me? WHY?

    Im sad for these deluded russians how easily they can be manipulated. Omgggg ..................
  4. sabotage bans, russians vs me? WHY?

    Can u tell me the reason that im perma banned?
  5. Your nickname: 傳奇的CHNZ.天照 Ban link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eBsweSuwT3fYo4KTr3S7JvaaaRntDsgI/view?usp=sharing Why you got banned: BLOCK (i didn't) POV Demo link: cstrike/evilzomb_bio.dem or HLTV So. I have been gagged here for 1 year or more. I ask 1-2 admins but they dont answer me. I detect that someone copying my nickname and blocking/griefing/ruining the game for ban. (He want me out from this server) Please check latest demo.