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  1. Frags for killing VIPs

    When CTs kill a zombie, they get 2 frags in scoreboard. With that logic zombie infecting a VIP should be 2 or 3 frags. Agree or disagree?
  2. Server lagging

    It will be even lower with the plugin. Bice mnogo bolje sa ovim samo da vlasnik pristane. Who is owner of the server? I don't have .sma, only .amxx and i know i can't be trusted easily because of that. I can run that plugin on my server and prove it's not plugin used for hacking or anything and just for fixing gameplay. So, just tell me who should i discuss this with.
  3. Server lagging

    I started this topic because maybe i can help, i even have plugin to reduce all players' ping to 20-30, would help players outside of Russia very much.
  4. Server lagging

    Why is server lagging so hard? It happened since i joined one of last rounds in bio_zomboy and then it continued on bio_mistery and i left because it's unplayable.
  5. VIP

    + fun and friendly guy
  6. фуцк

    фуцк унижатор https://streamable.com/erkg0q https://streamable.com/2471wm
  7. so its intented to be like that? all the other players are fine with that?
  8. title says it all when i kill a zombie with grenade, there is a small chance that i will get another grenade when i kill a zombie with gun, i think every time i get grenade (if i dont have it already) PREDATOR also reported there is that bug