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  1. VIP

    Nick : manisha Years 24 Steam Washed up pro player who want to play with armor and flash, just like the girls Ty
  2. didi • nobLe Happy Birthday

    Srekjen neka e , se najbolje bossi
  3. The comeback

    Hello lads, it was long time.. DO U WANT KINGER TO PLAY AGAIN VOTE WITH EMOJIS ONLY YES.......................... LIKE NO............................ SAD Lets see if u can bring me back GL × V O T E ×
  4. Важная тема, осознание

    Give this lad the right to play.
  5. Server lagging

    Dzaba se napinjes mali, nece oni to ni slucajno da urade veruj bratu svome
  6. Server lagging

    Brate ja imam 70-80 ping ali imam 100choke-a i to mi jede 70% od metkova..
  7. Blitz and Heil

    Ban them Mr.Juice
  8. Ingvarr с денюхой...

    Happy bday son! Wish u all the best!
  9. Happy Birthday Marry ^^

    Doğum günün kutlu olsun ve tüm dilekler gerçek oldu! ve senin işin olmayan yerlere burnunu daha az sok...
  10. VIP

    Nick : Kinger Years: 24 Become a VIP player Steam
  11. Double Grand's

    Wow cbdo officer LEts gooo
  12. Double Grand's

    Nick: Kinger Years:24 Best player on this server I will join the clan only if CBDO is the big Leader D' G's for life babeeeeeee
  13. С днем рождения BSN

    Среќен роденден!