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  1. Unfair ban.

    I don't have any questions and the problem is not that I'm banned for only 30 mins. The problem is about the attitude. I've seen admins who warn people about blocking like slay, kick or just warn them with words, but when they see somebody who ain't russian, somebody who plays from abroad, they immediately ban. For me this isn't correct, but you and your team decide it. I wish you a nice evening all the best. You can lock the topic, it's useless anyway. Regards!
  2. Unfair ban.

    Admin / player nickname and his STEAM ID (type status in console): YNW Pokamolodoy666 How it was: I was unfairly for "block" banned by the VIP member. I've seen him doing it multiple times, he did it again. When I do something wrong, I don't have any problems to be banned, but now it wasn't fair. My purpose wasn't blocking, I was interrupted by a program of my PC which caused minimization of the CS, that's why I have stopped for a second or two. You can check the demo and you will see what I'm talking about. Thx. POV Demo link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zsnkf0ZJG6iHsN1s8o8utYNbspdWdZ5O/view?usp=share_link , ban link https://evilzombbans.myarena.site/ban_list.php?bid=58684