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  1. Can someone explain me something

    isnt a message for anyone just a fun spray
  2. Can someone explain me something

    this is nothing just 20 seconds passiv but not all the time and this is just a funny moment not passiv-block. This another bann's are because of one guy who insluting players with my nick-name. Passiv is when the time kill me not when I attack
  3. Can someone explain me something

    Im playing by rules this admins like zver always ban me without any reason this isnt fair
  4. Can someone explain me something

    explain WHY ??
  5. Can someone explain me something

    you fucking noob admin why you always bann only me ???
  6. Can someone explain me something

    he played with my user and did block. because of him a get many bann's. bann him permament please
  7. Someone playing with my name aL ' p|zzD. and shit vips and admins and hes quit quick. But always I get bann. I write admins ban him they ban me. And some admins always get me bann me for passiv but I never did. When the time kill the player is passiv not when your are on. Some admins and vip hate me I dont know why but they do all the time. its unfair
  8. why I get bann

    I understand but I dont know how to use this. Im an amateur for pc.
  9. why I get bann

    I dont know whats this bro. I know only to copy - paste IP, connect and playing. haha.
  10. why I get bann

    I think this cheats its auto-instal in my cs from another server. Ok once day I will unistal my cs and instal again coz I dont know how to remov the cheat.
  11. why I get bann

    someone explain why I get bann
  12. for Tadjik

    Man I can kill who I want and I think this isnt unrules, if I do block ok I deserv ban, but a player do the block and the admin(tadjik) have to get ban the player who do block not me. PLEASE UNBAN BANN ME BECAUSE ISNT FAIR.
  13. for Tadjik

    for what ? what if I complained on them did you get them bann ?
  14. for Tadjik

    Tadjik get me bann because someone block the players. He didnt get him bann but me because I didnt kill him. Tadjik you are not for admin because you dont know the rules explain why you get me ban without reason. For me like a player I can kill who I want.
  15. VIP p|zzD. [EZ`BOTS]

    Nick: p|zzD. [EZ`BOTS] Name: Astrit Age: 24 Contact info (vk, skype etc): Skype: asstriit.rexhepi