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  1. Complaint from two players.

    Admin / player nickname: JIuMoH ; Payne How it was: Blocked me in the tunnel. Payne flamed me, as u can see on the 8th round he told me "MBT SUKKA". More shocking was that there were 2 or more admins also many vips and nobody did something. Demo link: https://ndox.abv.bg/download?id=3bf8590d9d Greetings. THEY WERE PUNISHED
  2. Complaint from Only Music

    Any head admins ??? Still no answer on this complaint.
  3. Complaint from Only Music

    Please someone to pay attention on the complaint. This admin should be meeker!
  4. Complaint from Only Music

    "ничего не можешь" ? Really ? Go and check the demo again ;) I haven't said "you can't do nothing". Minimum? Hhahaha, you are the one who starts conflicts. And yes, I have the right to tell you noob, because you ARE and when you are zombie, you are always PASSIVE. And yes, you should ban yourself, because you break the rules more than the normal players. :)
  5. Complaint from Only Music

    Admin / player nickname: Evil One Only Music How it was: This guy slayed me, because I told him that he is a noob. I did it, because he was a passive zombie. Everytime, when I am passive he BANS me without even warning me. He should warn me with slay, before banning. I have conflicts with this guy for a long time, it started when one day he started flaming me without any reason telling me "noob, bot" and etc. I know that this is not flaming, but it is provocating. I have left the clan because of his provocations. And when someone provocates me, I provocate him too. He doesn't have the RIGHT to slay me without a reason. He can gag/ban me for flaming and etc, but this time I have just told him noob, like him, he says it often to me, but nobody can tell him somethin, he is the "boss". It's stupid situation, I know, but this guy should know that he can't do whatever he wants. PEACE ! Demo link: I can not find it, it was around 20:30 today (16.06) on zm_2010. If I find it later, I will upload it. Sorry about it. Have a nice day! EDIT: Here's the demo: https://ndox.abv.bg/download?id=271ad4b2c4
  6. Complaint from Franku Lemps

    Вам нужен врач. Ты в порядке? Ты оскорбляеш и это факт! В прошлом месяце я не был банван! Ты говорить для старые события... Лет нет общего, важно е что ты сделаеш, а ты оскорбляеш!
  7. Complaint from Franku Lemps

    Admin / player nickname: Killer Brother's (Franku Lemps) How it was: Он оскорбляет Demo link: find it here HLTV: Я не мог найти его. Это было около 10:20 сутрин на zm_braintell_jackass3.. Другое доказательство: http://alfa.kachi-snimka.info/vij.php?id=cqs1498466999h.jpg
  8. Unfair BAN !

    Your nickname: Denis Stefanov [YSG BOYZ] Ban link: http://bans.evilzomb.ru/ban_list.php?bid=9616 Why you got banned: For flaming. It is fair, I have flamed, but the reason for posting here is that i wasn't the only one, who was flaming. They started to flame me, I answered them and then the fault was mine. The admin had to ban the other flamers too. They are nothing more than me. Demo link: find it here HLTV: https://www.4shared.com/zip/8rcf7F_3ca/auto-1705191711-zm_mysterydem.html Sorry if the fault is mine... EDIT: I uploaded the demo.
  9. Unban Appeal

    Firstable I want to say sorry for speaking on english, but I don't know russian language. Nick: Denis Stefanov [YSG BOYZ] Ban link: http://bans.evilzomb.ru/ban_list.php?bid=9235 Why you got banned: The reason is Aimbot, but it is not right, i am even a noob... Demo link: https://www.4shared.com/zip/Mip7dWE7ca/auto-1705051515-zm_expo_beta_v.html