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Found 1 result

  1. ban request

    Hi ,i would like to request a ban upon the player Alkozomb -Hihg ,i should say admin because he said he likes to be above others players and i found that very disturbing to hear it from an admin that should actually promote in the game . So my request is upon using a no recoil in the game for killing the zombies easier and faster without using many bullets. I recond this method should be forbidden especially on the classic zm biohazard servers . Why will this be allowed when you re killing a zombie with less than a charger no matter the class of zombie is ,i have some screnshots attached too when he admited it . It was oviously very disturbing to see such behavior from him ,i m here to play with you (along with ) and instead he s there to play with me ( play me ) . For some reasons my saved scrennshots can t open but this is a copy past from the log ,can also put demo my it takes time untill you see everythig so this will make it easier i hope . *DEAD* andrew : tis that no recoil alko ? Alkozomb | High : kinda Alkozomb | High : i am an admin 4eloBek killed Asyl with infection Alkozomb | High : i can use it How disrespectfull to say that? you re admin you re using no recoil on zombie mod becasue u think you re special ? Special how ??? thinking that means that you re actually not