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Savior19    0

Nick: Savior

Name: Berhan 

Age: 18

Prohibitions: Never

Contact : (Discord): Melancholy#0951 

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Missing information

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[N]aruto    81

its my friend. 1 week play server. He is usually nick '' coronavirüs''


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Savior19    0

Yes, I have been playing under the name Savior for 1 week, but I have been actively playing on your server for 6 months and the vast majority have passed under the name coronavirus.  

The reason I changed my name was that there were too many people with the same name and they were disturbing other players.

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*Frozen[?!]    601

You have 3 bans since May 22nd --> 1 of them given by me 2 days ago.
Familiarize yourself with the server rules better and I suggest play a month or two without getting a ban, then apply again.

If you can do that then we might consider to give you support in your VIP application.

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