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[Zap Master] Mervitoo^^

Trail °

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You are crossing the road I have passed in pain
You see my traces, what I left,
There I pulled the fuse that blew my soul
Even though the pieces blown from me dry out,
there are still traces on the side of the road.

Track your path, your pain grows the forest
Time is wide, the horizon is closer than you think
You cross the road that I have passed in pain
You will be the master of the strings you tuck into
With which pain will it tremble in, with what sound
with what voice a great love dies, you will know.

I don't know when. from what you lived
the residue left, that hit you where you are, you are
fear that storms the ground. in its own spiral
You turned, turned around, don't think you won't come back yet
Even if you stay for a place, you always go.

Now you're walking through the forest of pain
Even if everything bleeds again
neither can I touch the road you take, nor can I touch you
my late angel, have your songs too
that vibrates the wires inside..


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