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3 players Blocking and making the game unplayable

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Player: Fenix, Donyor,Akbarali UZB

Fenix and Akbaralhi were blocking the passage for the other players while Donyor kills the rest. This is one of the examples cause there were playing like a team. They done this for a couple of rounds making the game unplaisant for everyone that was playing. Everybody that was playing on the server left because of this 3 players.


Demo; 1- and 

             2- zm_heat_2x2 this demo is still unavailable.

Im not going to post timestamps cause they done this a lot through the game. I cant even count. Some players were even coursing at them.

In the second demo was when everybody left the game cause they made the game unplayable.

I wasnt going to post a complaint since Smurf said that there is few players online at night and to be more soft, but i think they deserve a long ban.

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Im pretty sure they knew the rules. Players asked them to not block. Donyor is a regular player so there is no way that he doesnt know that he cant block.

Also here is the second demo. You can see in the first round 4 players leaving the server cause Akbarali UZB and Fenix blocked the passage so Donyor could kill the zombies.

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28 минут назад, смурф сказал:

Use status cmd and write their steam_id's, so admin can easily ban violators. Thx

SteamID Doniyor-a он уже не первый раз получает бан за пассивную игру и блок. STEAM_0:0:634208021

SteamID Akbarali USB-он тоже баны за пассивную игру и блок не первый раз получает. STEAM_0:0:1755277416

Edited by L*- Daddy Pierce

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*Frozen[?!]    601
5 hours ago, cbdo said:

I forgot to do that. I though the admins had access to steam id outside of the game. Next time i make sure to put the steam id

We only have access if we know the player was banned previously with a certain nick, for example, Doniyor and Akbarali USB were, but not Fenix.

3 hours ago, cbdo said:

Fenix steam id: STEAM_0:0:1342852426

Thanks. :drinks:

All 3 players banned for 3 days for "BLOCKS + PEACE/SABOTAGE"

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Blackwhist    177
Just now, *Frozen[?!] said:


All 3 players banned for 3 days for "BLOCKS + PEACE/SABOTAGE"

Bed amdin banned them for 3 days only, shame :tongue::biggrin: 

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