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Orange Juice ^^

Dedicated to Nike with much love from Portugal

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Next time make sure to listen to the players. I was blamed for something that i didnt do. I know that it was just a kick but why give me a kick instead of ban? Are you trying piss me off? Next time be a man and ban. Also i advice you Nike to stop disconecting from the games when you are zombie. You do that a lot. 

Like i said you owe me 50 euros.

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There was no block . I will punish the traitor for making a false complaint .

Make you angry ? Ooty way) "miracle of Portugal". You should be the first to climb more often) I'm not sure . what will you play for a long time) funny. any left-wing people throw money for nothing

ps I don't want to / can't play as a zombie ?) 




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