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Admin changing map for no reason

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Just now, 10 minutes ago, we were playing the map bio_ziger_azt. The server was full and the game was running so nice. There was still 15 minutes left before next map voting. Then suddenly in the middle of the game, a certain admin, we don`t know who, gave voting for the maps that he suggested. Only biohazardous zone was a good map from the maps he suggested and most of people voted it. Then he suddenly changed to the map nobody voted "play arena 2", the most stupid map ever with some football field.

Who gave him right to do that?

Why is he stopping a very nice game during a very good map bio_ziger_azt on full server?

Why is he changing to the most stupid map ever with football field, even if most of people voted bio_hazardous_zone?

Who is that admin?

Admin has been warned immediately.

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