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watch towards the end

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didi.nobLe    144

Just watch it towards the end you'll see, otabek class sabotages i got furious and didnt want to die so i got out it wasn't a fair ban although i know it was a disconnect involvement but what was i suppose to do let him kill me after that sabotage/mir from otabek klass or whatever the name is, and i see here he didn't get banned 

Killer Brother`s (sidiron)  


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не хочеш чтоб тебя убили и выходиш ето нарушение.и ты так делаеш не первый раз.

[#12:] Запрещены махинации со статистикой, такие как: реконнект / дисконнект / накручивание ранга.

  1. Вы не хотите чтобы вас убили и переподключаетесь / покидаете сервер

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didi.nobLe    144
43 minutes ago, Killer Brother`s (sidiron) said:

You don’t want to be killed and this is a violation. And this is not the first time you have done this.

[# 12 :] Frauds with statistics, such as reconnect / disconnect / rank up, are prohibited.

  1. You don't want to be killed and reconnect / leave the server

Tell me another time that i did that then, i'm open to discuss and why didn't he get banned but instead i got banned look at the demo clearly, you was better without admin, and i know i did break that rule but otabek broke it first so i didn't wanna get killed for his mistake and clearly it wasnt even because of him killing me, i was more pissed off and i disconnected which after i got cooled off i tried to get back to the server i was banned 

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