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Complaint about Player

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Blackwhist    233
  • Admin / player nickname: FSK31
  • How it was: During the map "zm_kizaki_b5_" I infected the player given above. But that guy just blocked my path and VIP player Marry killed me. They have acted as if nothing have happened. There were admins but they didn't take any action. So I ask the administration to do what is needed to be done. Thank you again.
  • Demo file: auto-2103092259-zm_kizaki_b5

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*Frozen[?!]    1,156
55 minutes ago, L*- Daddy Pierce said:

Рабочая демка.

Прошу в следующий раз прикрепить STEAM ID, чтобы забанить оффлайн.

Мир со стороны FSK31 был. Будет забанен!

Спасибо что чекнул Папа, я забаню. 

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