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[N]aruto    84

video 1 - 2
First of all, if there was another admin who did this, I would believe her. but I call it a block when someone who does not attack anyone until the last zombie remains barricades in front of people.
And if you've noticed, this always happens when there are ynw clan members. Already in the game, you can see that they protect each other when they are the first zombies.
my guess is that nike may have even told him to throw the flash :). I think they are having a voice dialogue on a platform (discord etc.) This is my bad intention if it's not true

Video 3
Most players do not like to play zombies. I also sometimes quit the game when it gave an infection. But I was not entering at least 1 map.
I can even make a guess on this one. He realized that there was a zombie in the middle of the stairs. Sometimes people don't pay attention to the infect text. If you notice, the bunny couldn't make it there and he left the game directly when he realized that he was infected. Let this be my second bad intention :)
You can say there is nothing in the video. But beware, it does this every time. Round starts gave him an infect and he leaves the game and comes back in less than 1 minute


1. video 


2. video

video 3

This was my old complaint. If anyone is interested, you can take a look at it :)

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[N]aruto    84

Sorry, I used the translation. i forgot to write english 

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Lich    288

Мне вот интересно а что вы делали пока он шел в атаку ? Почему он 1 пошел а вы там шлялись  накинулись бы все. О чем разговор вообще. Дрочите там около нычки. не в атаку поити ни распрыгом прыгать. в итоге я иду сливаюсь а вас там люди выходят и убивают. имхо. :biggrin:

На втором видео я с смарта так ничего и не увидел. 

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Yes, they are like a gang. I think they speak with a voice through the Discord program!
 Unfortunately, money does everything. I remember the days of 2017, when we used to enter the server. The server at that time was beautiful and clean from some
  Haters and now all the players are new, everyone retires and retires gradually, all because of injustice and hatred before and because of people who are known

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смурф    1,791

Админка Валеры приостановлена, не первый раз уже такие жалобы получаю на мир.
Причем совсем недавно уже был бан за такую херню. На видео ещё и блоки...
Негоже так себя с админкой вести! :dl:

А если ещё будут такие жалобы на откровенный мир, снова стату уберу.

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