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  • Herhangi bir yasağınız oldu mu:Yes, it was exactly 2 weeks ago, I played the game from marry's vip account. But now I know the server rules and I don't make any mistakes. I'm glad I got to know you, this is my last vipka application, I just wanted to try my luck one last time. I know each of you and I love each of you very much. My dear friends. I will come to Russia next summer and I would be happy if there is someone to host me. haha :3

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С момента отказа прошло всего лишь неделя. Мы не уверены, что вы исправились.

Повторные подачи заявлений для получения ВИП статуса не будут рассматриваться до 31.08.2021г.


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