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Orange Juice ^^

I got bullied :(

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  • Player nickname: Ingayvarr / YnwMellybot / DisconNIKEct / Povelitel_Ejikov / Thomas_Shelby
  • Describe the nature of your complaint: Today they mocked me :((.My friends in real life laugh at me and do not want to hang out with me because of these rude people. I ask the administrators to severely punish them with no remorse. I am sad and very, very humiliated : ((
  • POV; unknown.png


My reaction when i saw these rude people : unknown.png





Ps: If the admins do not punish them, then I will sue all admins without exception.

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cbdo well, don't be ridiculous, no one offended you, but just discussed your ongoing relationship with the Ingvar)))

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Возьму на себя ответственность закрыть тему, ибо тема - бред. cbdo, никто тебя не обижал и не обижает, думай лучше над своим поведением, и не будь унылым всё время. Всем ёжиков :hey:

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