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Complain on Fifakill

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Hello everybody,


I have a complain on selfish idiot Fifakill who misuses his admin/VIP status. So, on the map zomboy, he came in the shelter where one more player and I were already. And then he stands up all the time so he blocks my sight and I cannot shoot because of him. Just because he is greedy selfish admin/VIP so he can make frags and we in the back cannot. I told him on microphone 10 times and also wrote him in the chat to sit down, so we can shoot too, but he still stands and blocks my sight. Instead of being thankful for coming into our shelter he blocks our shooting from behind so he can collect frags. Because of him, we didn`t make any resistance and didn`t kill any zombie and I was killed (the last) by zombies. All because of him. If he  has sit down we would kill minimum 5 zombies, 1-2 zombies each of us 3 last humen, but no because of his greed.

I told him that he is idiot for blocking us and then he gaged me and other admin banned me 30 min. This selfish greedy behavior and arrogant attitude by some admins/VIPs has to stop!


Demo here:


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Listen, I understand everything, your dissatisfaction and so on, but nothing can be done about it, he does not violate the rules, and this situation happens to every player and there is nothing to be surprised about. Cool Timothy :)

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What is the violation? The fact that he stood and dropped? 
Or that he did not read the chat and played without sound?
 Read the rules and find there a clause that a player must not block the view of other players!
 Then we'll talk. No one in this situation broke the rules!

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Нарушений нет вопрос закрыт. За собой следить сначала научись свинюшка,вечно в микрофон отрыгиваешь, И ещё раз так тему составишь неадекватно с оскорблениями,блокировку на форуме получишь.

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