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operskoy    69
6 минут назад, Scex сказал:

what does that mean can i buy it?

this means that as others decide, so be it

39 минут назад, Scex сказал:




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to get VIP +, you first need to prove yourself as an ordinary VIP player

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operskoy    69
7 минут назад, Scex сказал:

that means i can only buy normal vip?



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Blackwhist    237
25 minutes ago, Scex said:

then ill buy normal vip


Your application needs to be approved by the players and administration. Basically they will vote for your application. If your application gets approved you will pay money to get vip privileges. Or else you will have to play for some time to prove yourself. 

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>Sxec<    0

how long do i have to wait now?

why cant i buy it instantly like right now vip why so complicated?


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Moe Solnce    120

You haven't even been on the server yet and you want vip+
Dial more hours and apply for vip.

There is no point in continuing the topic any further!

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