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Killer Brother`s (Deus)

Admin application

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  • Nick: Killer Brother`s (Deus) (hzteyzekemiren)
  • Name : Mert
  • Your age: 20
  • Communication with you (vk, skype, etc.): Discord: Deus#9586 , Telegram : Deus
  • Have you had bans: Never
  • Why do you want to become an administrator: I have been on the server for a long time and I want to support the server as an admin. After my previous application, I was told to play as vip+ for another month 
  • Do you know amx commands: Yes
  • Specify your protocol ( Steam / NonSteam ): Steam

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ae_8666    253

Да здравствует весенний призыв! :biggrin:

20 минут назад, only сказал:


Me too xz

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4 часа назад, only сказал:


вот лучшей реакции не придумаешь, я тоже ХЗ, именно так..

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