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fake names

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SeYeR;))    3

someone using me and my bro names , today i come to play and saw rankstats and it was 33-304 , i did not play 4-5 days , also yesterday my bro ( SuLa) come to server and we saw player who played his name , after 15 min he changed name L'One , maye it was also fake , i dont know exactly , shooter also was at server and he kicked us , someone want to drop our stats and makes it , here are photos 26613527_187422971996462_655360696_o.thumb.jpg.64b12fdebd6a8e26d3bbd7c16dfcd8b0.jpg




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skif    669

If you see one more time that player(who change name)write in console /status and send hes steam id :)

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смурф    1,138

+300 deaths (/rank) is a punishment for breaking the server rules.

you often use disconnect when you're staying alone in zm team. (to not being killed) mostly at night and when there are no admins online. you don't infect/kill your teammates(n`eat clan) and ask them not to do that too cuz you wanna “make” more frags. (like it was with Ruslan) your game style is just "stealing frags" (when you're a human) and waiting for the end of a round (when you're a zombie). the same things that your brother(?) sula do. you have skill, i'm not argueing, but if you continue playing like that, i'll keep nulling your stats. and i'll do this with everyone who'll be playing like that. it's not fair to other players. most players are trying to help the team when you and players like you just keep doing everything to survive and not to die. when all zombies attack you must do it too, not sitting somewhere in a tunnel or jumping around the map and waiting for end of a round. (passive game is forbidden)

l`one will be punished for using your nickname.

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