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General rules and recommendations to the game process

[#1:] It is strictly forbidden to use cheats, scripts, macros and any other software that gives an advantage in the gameplay or automating the gameplay.

[#2:] It is forbidden to block other players.
  1. Exception: You can block tunnels and paths to hiding spots if the bioscanner says that you are infected. That applies only before the infection spread.
[#3:] Infected players and zombies aren't permitted to use bhop in low tunnels or any other places where they can't move without holding a "duck" button.
  1. But if you are the last zombie you can use bhop wherever you want.
  2. It doesn't matter if there are humans inside or areas are empty.
  3. Infected players and zombies also aren't permitted to use strafes on / in the water.

Automatic bhop-blocker is installed on the server, but it can't work everywhere, so be careful to not get banned.

[#4:] Passive / idle / friendly game for zombies is prohibited.
  1. Zombie doesn't kill / infect human or / and blocks the path for other zombies to reach the human.
  2. Zombie is inactive and just wasting the time waiting for the end of the round.
  3. Zombie stands / sits somewhere and doesn't help his team to attack humans.
  4. The last zombie stands / sits inside the shelter waiting for the end of the round.
If you have been repeatedly noticed in violation of this rule, your game stats may be nullified. After that the stats are not recovered and the appeals are not considered.

[#5:] Sabotage, Passive / friendly game for humans is prohibited.
  1. Human doesn't kill zombie.
  2. Human intentionally or unintentionally gets infected, that leads to the defeat of his team. (approaching the window / the entrance in the shelter, etc.)
  3. Humans must hunt the last zombie, but if it's waiting for them near the shelter exit, they can stay inside.
  4. It is forbidden to break planks, boxes or other breakable objects, intentionally close the doors, preventing the players of your team from getting to the hiding spots or the evacuation zones. This does not apply to infected players, who have the right to prevent survivors from getting advantage of positions.
[#6:] The double purchase is forbidden. On the course of a round it is allowed to take only one set of ammunition from arsenal.

[#7:] It is forbidden to swear, provoke or insult other players. Respect others like you respect yourself.

[#8:] Inciting national, racial or religious hatred as well as humiliation of national honor and dignity is not tolerated. The same applies about political statements, debates or slogans.

[#9:] Spam is prohibited. (chat / team chat / voice) We respect foreign players, but in order to avoid any conflict situations or misunderstandings, we recommend using Russian and English for communication. If the game chat is spammed with other languages, your communication may be temporarily limited.

[#10:] Slander is prohibited.

[#11:] Advertising is strictly prohibited.

[#12:] The fraud with game stats is forbidden, we mean: reconnect / disconnect / boosting the stats.
  1. You don't want to be killed, so you retry or leave the game.
  2. You don't want to be zombie, so you retry the game.
  3. You often change your nickname before an imminent death.
[#13:] It is forbidden to use any known and unknown bugs of goldsrc engine.
  1. Blocking of doors or gates, blocking the transport on escape maps.
  2. Getting out of the textures, pushing teammates through the walls, going outside the map boundaries, etc.
[#14:] It is strictly forbidden to bypass your BAN or GAG. You will only aggravate your situation and force the administrators to toughen the punishment.

[#15:] It is forbidden to discuss the actions of the administrators.

In the case of any disagreements or conflicts, you can leave a complaint on our forum.

[#16:] It is forbidden to use pornographic, discriminatory, offensive or humiliating spray, logo or any other sort of graffity materials.

[#17:] It is forbidden to use nicknames that contradict the generally accepted norms of morality. It is forbidden to copy other players' nicknames or clan tags (if you're not an accepted member of the clan). It is forbidden to impersonate an administrator and threaten other players with a ban / kick and so on.

[#18:] If you are a dead player or an observer it is forbidden to give out the location of the last human to alive zombie(s).

When 1 human remains against the whole zombie team, the last thing he/she needs is to be compromised.

Rules for server administrators

[#1:] Observance of general server rules is a duty.

[#2:] It is forbidden to slap / slay / gag / kick / ban players or VIP-players with no reason. It is forbidden to kick / ban players from the spectators list if there are free slots on the server.

[#3:] Visiting the server and forum, as well as maintaining order is a primary duty. Administrators should rely on their experience and common sense when issuing punishments.

[#4:] Abuse of authority, the use of the amxmodmenu or other plugin capabilities for own purposes is strongly prohibited.

[#5:] It is forbidden to change the map at will. But you can change it when there are less than 18 players on the server. This rule does not apply to situations where a change is necessary to test new maps.

[#6:] A player can be unbanned only after they create an unban appeal topic on the forum. It is forbidden to remove a ban/gag without getting permission or request from the administrator who gave it!
  1. If the fact of removing the ban is established, punishment can be applied to the person who made it.
  2. This rule also extends to GAG. Don't touch GAGs if someone else gave it.
[#7:] It is forbidden to intentionally or not intentionally provide admin access to third-parties. Admin access is issued only for you and you carry personal responsibility for all activity on your admin-nickname. (This also applies to VIP privileges)

[#8:] It is forbidden to ban or kick because of a nickname, or to force players with default game monitoring nicknames to change them.

EXAMPLES: masterserver, gs-m, cs-likes, yourcs, ctr, csb, turbo-cs etc.

[#9:] Administrators must identify themselves on the server. They are required to report their main nickname when questions arise from the players. Players should be able to make a personal complaint in case of unreasonable punishments through the admin menu from the anonymous admin.


Any approved privileges within the community are only granted to the applicant. Granting any third-party access to your privilege may lead to privilege revocation without any compensation from our side.

Administration keeps rights to ban violators without prevention.

Supreme Administration keeps absolute rights to change, add, remove rules without prevention.

Supreme Administration keeps absolute rights to deny access to the server and the forum without any explanation.

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