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[Zap Master] Mervitoo^^

Snow ♡

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Snowfall on us from the night,
From a rainy dark thought
With the roar of the forest
And gallop in a straight blue
Snow is falling on us, subtly.

Where is your voice, your everyday voice,
For beautiful forgotten songs
On this snow night from afar, from the road,
Like the wind from ancient Anatolia
Where's your voice? you're in the snow!

Neither morning this blue nor night!
Don't wake me up, I can't wake up.
For the love of our lost loved ones,
For God's sake, sky, sea's sake
Let the snow fall over us ...
The face of every mirror as it fogged
In the white texture of this pure dream
It reaches the sky - single, secluded - a reed
Just to forget, to forget, oh winter!
The great loneliness of the world.


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Ryuga *    152

You should write a few poems together with the story :), bravo poets)

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