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Orange Juice ^^

Queen Chika

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NIckname: cbdo

Name: Chika the Queen

Age: 94

Contact: https://www.instagram.com/theroyalfamily/

Bans: No im super clean

Hello fellow gamers:hello_its_me:. I recently changed sex form male to female. My wedding with Drezhnik is coming and i need a dress... Soooo I need female VIP skin so i can look good and fresh. I dont have a microphone but i will show you guys below my transformation.

Ps: Those who are against will not come to the wedding :tongue: and I will take legal action. Also make my character more tall. Also make my character with double jump and 3x damage boost and 300 armor. And also make my infection rate to 0 so i wont be zombie anymore. I look ugly as a zombie.

Below is my tranformation:


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skif    712

Закрываю тему - причина бред:closed:

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SM#    518

Понаехали бл заднеприводные:to_become_senile:

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