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about my ban

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nikname^    29
Hi guys, some admins and players talk about my bunnyhop.Yes i can understand they have to talk but I am not cheating.I'm playing cs from 11 years I can easily make bunny on bunny closed servers like fastcup 5v5 this is not a cheat it's not my MWHEELUP mouse ball and mouse combination I respect your decision after all you are the management team and I am just a player but my sentences are just this I am getting banned unnecessarily, I love you, I am waiting for your return... You can check my steam account.I have many screenshoots for CS https://steamcommunity.com/id/n1knamecs/


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nikname^    29
what a ban?
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didi.nobLe    144
Ban details page.png
Nick Evil`one | n1kname^
Steam ID STEAM_0:1:604451053
Steam Community ID 76561199169167835
IP address Hidden
Ban type IP
The reason BAN BYPASS
Added 22.06.2021 - 15:47:28
Expires 25 06 2021 - 15:47:28 (2 Days / Days 22 Hour (s) 34 Minute (s) Remaining)
Banned by the admin EViLZOMB.RU | Original Biohazar
Banned on the server EViLZOMB.RU | Original Biohazard (bio_oldprison_v5)
Number of violations


U changed steam id and proceeded to play like nothing happened thats why not because of bhoping 

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