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Kamikadze have some problem with me

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Kamikadze, I dont care if you are seek, this is the warnig. Stop gaging me with out reason and play like normal players. I dont care if you are admin, have demo to prove that you are acting like a junk. This is the last warning to you. Stop insulting me, read the rules. Stop falsely accusing me of some of your fabrications. Take this as my good will and behave as befits an admin, otherwise there will be reviews against you and your behavior. This is my last warning to you to wake up a little from that childish behavior. Did we agree?

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Выучи все правила от и до, я не обязан тебе во всех деталях объяснять каждую строчку.
Все демо записи у меня есть с твоими нарушениями.
Создавай заявку с жалобой по правилам. Закрыто. Предупреждение за клевету отправил.

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